Ferrari Experiences


Give the Gift of Speed. This is the ultimate gift for anybody who loves cars. Have your loved drive one of the world's most elite supercars across our action packed courses.

  • Ferrari Racing Experiences

    Drive The World's Most Elite Super Car

  • Action Packed Tracks

  • Perfect Gift For The Auto Aficionado

  • Get Ready With Expert Instructors

Featured Reviews:

  • Race a Ferrari 458 Italia

  • 5

  • Charlotte

"What a thrilling experience to drive a very expensive vehicle at high speeds. Exhilarating! "

  • Ultimate Exotic Car Racing

  • 5

  • Los Angeles

"This was an absolutely amazing experience. The only reason I rated the "Knowledge of Experience" as a 7 is because when we got there, there was no communication to us by the staff letting us know when everything starts, where to go for the course, where to wait etc. It seamed like the registration process was not very organized but the whole process after that was AMAZING and once we knew where to go and what we were doing the staff was great. Thanks! April Hunter"

  • Ultimate Exotic Car Racing

  • 5

  • Las Vegas

"I had so much fun I paid for more track time!"

Ferrari Experiences

Our Ferrari Driving Experiences are ideal for those who grew up dreaming of one day getting to race a Ferrari.

Only by getting behind the wheel to drive a Ferrari can one truly understand the raw power and pure joy that these fine tuned machines generate.

Get ready for the most thrilling drive of your life!

These Porsche driving experience gifts are perfect for the person who has always dreamed of having a chance to drive a Porsche.
Racing a Porsche on a real race track gives drivers a chance to really see all that these amazing cars are capable of and is sure to put a big fat grin on any face!?