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Make their Top Gun dreams a reality! They'll be doing dog fighting, rolls, and soaring through the air. Our flight instructors are almost all ex-military, and several hail from some of the most prestigious flight training schools in the armed forces.

  • Fighter Pilot For A Day

    Be A Fighter Pilot For A Day!

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  • Fighter Pilot for a Day

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  • Chicago

"A once in a lifetime experience! Ron was very knowledgeable, professional, and friendly. Had a great time experiencing a day as a fighter pilot. Would recommend to anyone seeking a thrill!"

  • Fighter Pilot for a Day

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"Very rarely are your expectations exceeded these days. Combat USA however, blew me away! I have been a licensed pilot for 20 years and thought that the place would be full of guys with civilian only experience that have watched Top Gun a few hundred times and all we would do was a few basic aerobatic maneuvers to simulate the real thing…….not at all! The experience began with meeting the Combat USA pilots and my competitor. There were two of us that would be full-on dog fighting each other. The Combat USA pilots we were flying with were seasoned military vets turned airline pilots. One was former Navy and the other was former Air Force and the banter back and forward between them was hilarious and what you would expect when you put two different services in one room. We were escorted in the locker room and issued a flight suit, helmet, parachute and flotation device. Briefing began in a military looking briefing room and lasted about 20 minutes. The briefing pilot's call-sign was Joker and he lived up to the handle. He was to be my pilot. It was actually a very interesting mix of real aviation ground school and combat techniques. After briefing was complete, we were escorted to the flight line by our pilot. The airplanes we flew were Marchetti jet-trainers painted in full military-like livery. Marchetti's are fully aerobatic planes capable of about 9 g's. These are fitted out with a laser HUD targeting systems. We took off separately and soon met up in close formation. We flew out to Long Beach harbor and the fun began! The first two dog fights were 'canned' in that each competitor got the sensation of getting the other guy in his gun sights and pulling the trigger. Once you 'hit' the other guy, smoke bellows from the losers plane and you brake-off smartly to start another round. The instructor helps you with the first two and then it's (mostly) up to you. I couldn't believe how real this is. You are aggressively going after the other guy doing loops, barrel rolls, negative g pushovers, whatever it takes to strafe the other guy. It was exhilarating and exhausting! I pulled 5.5 g's in one vertical maneuver and nearly greyed-out. Sensational!! I won 4 to 2. The other guy and I swapped email addresses and sent pictures to each other of our respective planes about 5 feet - wing-tip to wing-tip. Very cool!! What do you give the guy that has everything???? Combat USA! "

  • Fighter Pilot for a Day

  • 5

  • National

"This was the most exciting, on the edge experience I have ever had. To make it really work, I booked 2 flights for the day. Flip 1 and 2 allow you to make the experience more over the top. Flip 1 is fantastic and you learn a lot, but you need Flip 2 to put the skills learned in the first session into play. One hour isn't enough, you need two flights to embrace the experience. "

Yes, ANYONE Can Be A Fighter Pilot, At Least For One Day!Fighter Pilot For A Day

We all know at least one person who has dreamed of prowling the skies at the controls of a super fast fighter plane, relentlessly searching for bogies high and low.  And we all know there was a moment, somewhere between the 500th viewing of Top Gun and the end of high school where that person realized just how hard it is to become a real-life fighter pilot.

Well, this Cloud 9 Living experience is for that person in your life who has always wanted to fly a bona fide attack aircraft in a dogfight...even if that person is you!

Don't worry, just about ANYONE can enjoy this truly amazing experience, including:

  • Anyone over the age of 14
  • Anyone under 250 lbs.
  • Anyone under 6' 7"
  • Anyone with ZERO flying experience
  • And yes, people who are colorblind!

Who You Get To Fly With

If you're thinking about sending your flying fanatic loved one up in the air to be a fighter pilot then we understand you might be wondering: exactly how safe is this, anyway?

Answer: VERY SAFE.  The flight instructors with whom you'll fly are almost all ex-military, and several hail from some of the most prestigious flight training schools in the armed forces.  The Italian-made (think Ferrari with wings) SIAI Marchetti aircraft is a modern production model designed specifically for air combat maneuvers.

Don't Worry, You (Probably) Won't Get Motion Sickness

Unfortunately we can't GUARANTEE that the lucky person you're sending up to defend the skies in aerial combat defenitely won't get sick...BUT our flight instructors say less than 10% of the new pilots they take up on maneuvers end up with an upset stomach.

Why?  Well, it definitely helps that you are in control of the aircraft, which means you have direct control over how far to push the plane and your stomach.  Another factor is that you have been trained to focus on one thing: finding and vanquishing bogies.  That focus means less watching the horizon, which can be very disorienting, and more placing your opponent carefully in the crosshairs.

This experience is truly one-of-a-kind, and something your lucky gift recipient won't soon forget.  It's truly amazing that this flight school has made a fighter pilot experience available and safe for just about anyone, and here at Cloud 9 Living we can safely say this is easily one of our most popular experiences.

So what are you waiting for?  Gift it today!

You can give the wannabe aviator you know a fighter pilot experience at many airports across the country.

Please note, however, that fighter pilot experiences are not at all of these airports at the same time; rather, they travel to each airport on a set schedule, so you will need to book your experience well in advance.

See the flight schedule here!