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Looking for a gift for the foodie in your life? Look no further than our walking food tours, chocolate tours or brewery tours. Led by guides who are just as passionate about food as you are, prepare to devour some of the city's most delectable foods.

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Featured Reviews:

  • Dupont Circle DC Chocolate Tour

  • 5

  • Washington DC

"Had a great time! Great idea to not only experience amazing chocolate from local markets and bakeries but to experience Dupont Circle as well. Nicely done!"

  • Sacramento Walking Food Tour

  • 5

  • Sacramento

"The Walking Food Tour was 'Gourmet on K' in Sacramento. We stopped at 6 restaurants, with excellent food in all of them. The people at the places we went to were incredibly friendly and had a wealth of information to share with us about their product/history/stories etc. The tour can usually take up to 12 people our guide said, but luckily we were the only ones, so it turned in to a private tour! We live in Sacramento too so it was awesome to find out some of the K street history - especially some of the buildings that we ride bikes past all of the time. The tour is well worth doing and the Local Roots Food Tours have other tours they offer around Sacramento. We are already lining up our next one!"

  • Napa Food Tour

  • 5

  • San Francisco

"Excellent tour- this made me want to come back to the city of Napa - so much history, and so much to explore!"

Food Tours

Looking for a unique way to get a new perspective of the city? Look no further than our walking food tours, chocolate tours or brewery tours.

These edible experiences take participants on a fun and educational journey through some of the most famous restaurants, areas, or street vendors in cities across the US.