Learn to Fly Experience Gifts


Give the Gift of Flight. No matter what aircraft you choose, our exceptional experience providers will ensure your loved one will have an experience they will never forget. The hands-on flight lessons will cover everything from pre-flight instruction to successful takeoff and everything in-between.

Featured Reviews:

  • Learn to Fly a Helicopter

  • 5

  • Las Vegas

"The instructor, Kyle, was very good and was very helpful."

  • Learn to Fly a Helicopter

  • 5

  • Atlanta

"This was definitely something on my bucket list and it did not disappoint. I have a new appreciation for helicopter pilots now knowing how much goes into controlling a helicopter that is in the air. The instructor was very thorough on everything from the history to mechanics and controls of the helicopter we flew and was very patient while I struggled to get the hang of keeping it flying smooth. I will definitely be back for at least another lesson and honestly am considering pursuing my private license. Great experience!"

  • Learn to Fly

  • 5

  • Dallas

"This was amazing!! My husband had the best time. The instuctor Juan was just fantastic!!!! I would recommend this to anyone I can. The 1 hour flight was worth it, I dont think the 30 minutes would have been enough. "

Learn to Fly Experiences

Who has not wondered what it would feel like to get behind the controls and fly a helicopter, an airplane, or even a glider?

These flying lessons and learn to fly experiences are the perfect way to get an introduction to the skill of flying an aircraft on your own.

Our experience providers are top notch and are widely regarded as some of the best in the country, ensuring the highest quality of safety and instruction.