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Give the Gift of Flight. No matter what aircraft you choose, our exceptional experience providers will ensure your loved one will have an experience they will never forget. The hands-on flight lessons will cover everything from pre-flight instruction to successful takeoff and everything in-between.

Featured Reviews:

  • Learn to Fly

  • 5

  • Minneapolis

"The pilot with whom I took the introductory flying lesson did an excellent job of making this a really good experience."

  • Learn to Fly in Washington DC

  • 5

  • Washington DC

"I received it as a gift from my wife for my 30th birthday. She gave me 30 different gifts and this experience certificate was one amongst the 30 and my best gift. We were originally scheduled to do it in the afternoon on my birthday, but our guide called to reschedule for the next day due to weather conditions. The next day when we arrived at the training center, after the initial ground lecture, he took us to the cessna air craft and did a pre-flight inspection. There was an issue with the air level and he realized it before the take off. So we changed planes, and i was lucky to get a chance to taxi and practice this skill 2 times. Since the weather was a little rough, the guide told me that he would take more control during take off and landing. But once we were in cruise-mode, he taught me how to ascend and descend, take turns, move the nose up and down, and gave me enough time to practice. It was truly a once in a life time experience."

  • Learn to Fly

  • 5

  • Phoenix

"The instructor was well prepared and extremely knowledgeable. It was a great experience!"

Learn to Fly Experiences

Who has not wondered what it would feel like to get behind the controls and fly a helicopter, an airplane, or even a glider?

These flying lessons and learn to fly experiences are the perfect way to get an introduction to the skill of flying an aircraft on your own.

Our experience providers are top notch and are widely regarded as some of the best in the country, ensuring the highest quality of safety and instruction.