Race Car Driving Experiences


Give the Gift of Speed! Choose from Stock Car Racing, Race a Ferrari, Dragster Racing, and much more. Available nationwide.

Featured Reviews:

  • Drive a Dragster

  • 5

  • Las Vegas

"Will never forget this experience!!! Incredible!"

  • Stock Car Ride Along - Pocono Speedway

  • 5

  • Philadelphia

"Simply put, it had to be one of the greatest days ever!"

  • Stock Car Ride Along

  • 5

  • Charlotte

"I really enjoyed the NASCAR riding experience. It was very cool to get a feel for the power of the car and what the drivers are doing. I did 6 laps with very few cars on the track and I can't imagine doing 600 laps, maintaining control at those speeds with so many other cars around, cutting each other off, etc. It would be very demanding and grueling. It was fun climbing in and out of the car. I was afraid once I got in I wouldn't be able to get back out. I'm not as young as I used to be. I'd recommend anyone to ride along but I'm not in a hurry to be the driver! "

Race Car Driving Experiences

Our Race Car Driving experiences are sure to capture the heart of any racing enthusiast.

Our racing experiences are offered nationwide and include: Stock Car Racing, Indy Car Racing, Formula Racing, Race a Ferrari, Corvette Racing, Dragster Racing, Spec Car Racing, Rally Car Racing and more.

Whatever your taste, you are sure to fulfill your need for speed with our racing experiences!