Napa Valley Hot Air Balloon Ride

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Napa Valley, CA


Daily - Sunrise

Soar over Napa Valley for spectacular California views on a calm, peaceful and beautiful hot air balloon ride.
  • Your balloon operator is Federal Aviation Administration certified
  • Founded in 1980, your ride provider has been featured on the Today Show and the Oprah Winfrey Show
  • Glide above the treetops and beyond for breathtaking views of the land below
  • Capture the lasting memory with an in-flight photo
  • Upon landing enjoy a traditional champagne toast and breakfast at Domaine Chandon's Etoile restaurant!

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Your experience begins at dawn with complimentary tea, coffee, and pastries and a brief pilot orientation. You'll then be taken to the day's launch site where you'll be greeted by a bustle of activity - the hum of inflator fans, the lively colors of state-of-the-art balloons, and the roar of the burners.

Then it's time for lift off! Gently, the balloon lifts into the early morning breeze that ushers you above corridors of grapes and between the mountains of one of the most magnificent valleys on earth. Aloft and floating on a sea of tranquility, you will experience the spirit of balloon flight.

Above it all, your experienced and knowledgeable pilot will welcome questions and serve as your guide for points of local interest and the Valley's extraordinary beauty.

Once you're back on the ground, your flight will be celebrated with Napa Valley's finest sparkling wines at Domaine Chandon's Etoile restaurant where you'll also enjoy a delicious breakfast.

The memories from this experience will last a lifetime!

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Essential Information:

  • Participants must be at least 7 years of age and be at least 48 inches tall
  • Children must be accompanied by a legal guardian
  • There is a weight limit of 275 lbs per individual
  • Because the basket is designed for a limited number of passengers, individuals weighing more than 250 lbs must contact Cloud 9 Living for specific details; additional charges may apply
  • Expecting mothers are not permitted to fly
  • In-flight photo is included

This experience will be about 4-5 hours total with approximately 1 hour of flight time.

Maximum Participants:
The balloon baskets are certified to carry 6, 12 or 16 passengers, but they are rarely filled to capacity in order to leave space for added comfort.

Spectators are allowed but arrangements must be made with your experience provider prior to your flight.

Weather Dependent:
This experience is weather dependent. Always contact the experience provider with any questions regarding weather conditions.

What to Wear:
Wear comfortable clothing appropriate for weather conditions and shoes you can wear in a field or vineyard. We also recommend dressing in layers and bringing sunglasses and/or a brimmed hat, and don't forget your camera!

Booking Information:
For this experience, it is recommended to request bookings at least 2 weeks in advance.

Cancellation Policy:
Prior to scheduling/booking a date for this experience, Cloud 9 Living's standard return and exchange policy shall apply. Once you have scheduled a date and received a booking confirmation, you may cancel or reschedule with your experience provider a minimum of 72 hours prior to your scheduled flight. In the event your flight is cancelled due to inclement weather, you will have the option of rescheduling your flight or exchanging for another experience through Cloud 9 Living.

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  1. Why do you fly so early in the morning?
    Balloons fly best in cool, calm, stable air which in Napa is usually just after sunrise.
  2. What are hot air balloons made of?
    The envelope is typically constructed with fire-treated nylon or dacron that meet specific manufacturer requirements.  This material is lightweight but very strong.  The baskets are made of rattan, each one individually woven by hand onto a rigid frame.
  3. How high do balloons fly?
    Most balloonists enjoy low-level flight.  The typical balloon flight would be anywhere from tree level to approximately 2,000 ft.
  4. How is the balloon steered?
    The balloon is not "steered" in the conventional sense.  The balloon moves with the direction of the wind.  However, winds tend to stratify in differing directions and altitudes.  A balloonist uses these varying currents to guide the balloon to an appropriate landing site.
  5. Does it get cold in the balloon? What should I wear?
    The coldest part of your morning will be on the ground! Come dressed in comfortable layered clothing.  Walking shoes and a hat are also recommended and of course don't forget your camera.
  6. Is ballooning safe?
    Yes, statistically flight is the safest form of transportation and ballooning is statistically the safest form of flight.  Our experience provider has skilled and experienced pilots with impeccable safety records so you are in good hands.
  7. Do passengers ever get sick?
    No, becuase the balloon moves at the same speed and direction as the wind, passengers experience no sense of motion.
  8. Is breakfast served?
    At check-in a light breakfast of coffee, tea, pastries, fruit and juice is provided before leaving for the launch site. After your flight you'll enjoy a traditional champagne toast at Domaine Chandon's Etoile restaurant followed by a delicious american style breakfast that will fill you up for the rest of your day's adventure!

Customer Reviews:

  • Napa Valley Hot Air Balloon Ride

  • July 10, 2017

  • 4-half

  • San Francisco

"It was truly a wonderful experience. If I had to give any feedback it would be to give more time between check-in and take-off. The email said to arrive at 5:30, and we arrived exactly on time but there was no more coffee or pastries. We found a cup of tea but as soon as we poured it, it was time to take off and we had to throw it out. A very small complaint for an otherwise fantastic service!"

  • Napa Valley Hot Air Balloon Ride

  • September 26, 2016

  • 5

  • San Francisco

"I had the best experience using Cloud 9 Living to enjoy a hot air balloon ride and will recommend this company to anyone! Customer service was amazing and the experience was top notch. Thanks so much! "

  • Napa Valley Hot Air Balloon Ride

  • August 09, 2016

  • 5

  • San Francisco

"This is one of the best experiences that I've had. My husband and I went on the Napa Valley hot air balloon ride. It was just such an amazing experience. The conductor was super-friendly. The experience overall from balloon flight to mimosas and breakfast at Chandons ...incredible!!!"