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Water & Snow Experience Gifts

What We Offer:

Winter or summer, our water and snow experiences will allow you to explore the highest peaks, spectacular coral reefs and everything in between.

Get Out On The Water (or Snow)!

Cloud 9 Living has so many ways to have fun on the water that just about anybody on your gifting list is going to be thrilled when they open their gift pack this year.


The best part about giving one of these wet (or cold!) experiences is that your gift recipient can book at their leisure, exchange it for any other experience on the Cloud 9 Living website, and enjoy the dedicated customer support provided by our four Experience Consultants.


So what exactly is available?  Check out these great options:

Sailing ExperiencesSailing
There's something fundamentally exciting about harnessing the wind to plow through blue ocean waters, and that's why Cloud 9 Living's sailing adventures are so awesome.  We offer experiences off some of the best coastlines in America, including Los Angeles, San Francisco, and New England.


You'll also be able to choose from casual dining experiences to full-on racing on an America's Cup competitive yacht, so hook the sailor you know up with one of these gifts today!

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Scenic CruisesScenic Cruises

If you're looking to enjoy the scenery a little more than a full-on sailing adventure, one of these scenic cruises is the perfect answer.

Enjoy beuatiful views of some of the best spots in America from the comfortable deck of all manner of sailing and powered boat.  There are many options, but regardless of which one you choose rest assured these cruises will make your gift recipient's day, especially if you choose to join them!

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Whitewater RaftingWhitewater Rafting

For a more adventurous water experience, try an exciting rafting trip down rough-and-tumble rivers in both the East and West.  Nothing will get your heart pumping like riding roaring waters on nothing more than a rubber tube with a paddle in your hand!  This is a great gift for groups of people looking to do something fun and little different from the normal outing.

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Our kayaking experiences allow you to explore all manner of interesting places, from coastal caves worn into the sea cliffs outside of San Diego to a riverside distillery on the Shenandoah River.

You can be sure we feature a lot of cool kayaking trips in between as well.  One of these trips is sure to be the perfect gift for the person you have in mind, and that's why you should definitely take a minute to browse the options in search of a great experience for a lucky recipient.

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Surfing LessonsSurfing Lessons

Riding a wave is one of those quintessential West Coast activities everyone should try at least once.  With our help you can make sure that time is thoroughly enjoyable with a surfing lesson available up and down the coast in California.


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Scuba DivingScuba Diving

If you know someone who's always dreamed of exploring the depths then a Cloud 9 Living scuba lesson or experience is the perfect gift.

We'll help you take the guesswork out of finding the perfect scuba experience for anyone from a newbie to a certified diver.  Just click the link below to get started on the perfect diving gift!


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Snow ActivitiesDon't Forget About Snow!

If water in its liquid form is not exactly what you're looking for, then check out Cloud 9 Living's snow experiences!  We've got some skiing, we've got some snowmobiling, and a lot of great adventures for those who prefer things cold.

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