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Birthday Gift Ideas


Wish someone the happiest birthday yet! With unforgettable birthday experience gifts from Cloud 9 Living, it's easy to make even the biggest dreams come true. Enjoy birthday gift ideas like racecar driving, golf outings, spa pampering, food and wine tours, flying lessons, gift certificates, and more!


  • "It was great! The best birthday gift ever!"
    Race a Lamborghini
    Robert P
  • "AWESOME! Was a great experience and great way to spend my 70th Birthday!"
    NASCAR Ride Along
    Ronald T
  • "Went for my 30th birthday. Had to be one of the coolest experiences of my life. The pilot instructer was amazing."
    Fly a Cessna
    Warren P
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  • No birthday gift ideas go better with cake 'n' candles than Cloud 9 Living experiences!

    When it comes to the best birthday presents that come with the biggest wishes, Cloud 9 Living has 'em. Delight a friend or family member with the most unique outings in the U.S., bringing unforgettable memories to every milestone. Choose from over 2,000 experiences available nationwide, including top-notch favorites that grant bucket list wishes, tantalize the taste buds, and provide only the most perfect sort of pampering!

    #1 - Bucket List Worthy Birthday Gift Ideas

    There's no time like a birthday, nor present like the thrill of a lifetime, to coax someone into making a big dream a fun reality! Cloud 9 Living proudly offers what most other retailers can't when it comes to wrapping up festive wishes — because giving someone action and adventure as a great birthday gift is no small task. But now, your point 'n' click is our command!

    For the guy or gal who prefers to take a commute a lil' on the faster side, why not invite 'em to burn rubber where speed limits don't dare to exist? Cloud 9 Living's collection of driving experiences make perfect birthday gift ideas for the lead-foot in your life! With options to get them driving or riding along via exotic car, dragster, Sprint Cup style stock car, authentic Indy car, motorcycle or more — there's something for everyone with a need for speed!

    But driving's not the only way to get the adrenaline pumping. Those hoping to take their rush sky-high can hop right into the pilot's seat of a helicopter or airplane for a hands-on flying lesson! Add even more gravity defying thrills to the mix with cool birthday presents for him or her like biplane thrill rides, indoor skydiving, and hang gliding. And for even more thrills and exciting spills, plenty of other adventures are ready and waiting. Send a daredevil on some of the best birthday gifts in the great outdoors! White water rafting, America's Cup sailing, mountain biking, rock climbing, and bungee jumping are just the beginning.

    # 2 - Tasty Birthday Presents for Him & Her

    Wondering what is a good birthday present for the ultimate foodie? Look no further than the mouthwatering morsels, cutting-edge cuisine and sippin' samples that come with Cloud 9 Living's assortment of food, beer and wine birthday gift ideas. Send someone sampling a city's finest bites on a guided food or beverage tour. And rest assured that the sweet or savory tastings aren't the only thing enjoyed along the way. Many tours also highlight the fascinating histories, art, culture and architecture of an area's eclectic neighborhoods.

    And for a remarkable spin on sightseeing or sharing festivities with friends and family, take to local waters out east or west for brunch, dinner or scenic lunch cruise on a boat in NYC, Boston, DC, San Francisco, LA and beyond! Care to take a party at home to the next level? Check out unique birthday gift ideas that put a culinary genius right in your very own kitchen, thanks to Cloud 9 Living's professional chef connections. Enjoy a customized menu of gourmet cuisine, delectable desserts and even wine pairings for a birthday present that won't soon be forgotten.

    #3 – Indulgent Spa Birthday Gift Ideas

    Treat a friend or special someone to the great escape that comes with a perfect pampering session. There's hardly a more rejuvenated feeling they'll get than when they unwrap a spa service… apart from the way they feel as they enjoy the treatment itself. Invite him or her to unwind with a relaxing massage of the deep tissue, Swedish or hot stone variety. Or kick back with a refreshing mani-pedi. And if a facial or aromatherapy is the name of their relaxation game, then your hunt for the ideal birthday present is over.

    Not exactly sure how the birthday guy or gal would like to spend their spa escape? Not to worry, a Spafinder Wellness Certificate lets the recipient choose their favorite way to spend the day! This convenient option is the best birthday gift idea for those who enjoy flexibility and an array of spa services. With over 20,000 locations nationwide, a plethora of treatments are available including (but not limited to): salon styling, yoga, fitness classes, personal training, traditional spa services, luxurious amenities, and even retail purchases.

  • An epic birthday surprise is your ticket to dodging THAT bullet. You know… the one that makes you THAT person, who plans the same stuff for the same events… Every. Single. Year.

    Yes, it can be tough to keep annual festivities fresh. Especially if you are a party-planning committee of, well, one. But just imagine the look on the face of a significant other or a best friend when they happen upon some unexpected TLC on their big day! Whether you’re looking for a secret party idea for her, a birthday gift for him that really wows the socks off, or a tiny gesture that conveys giant wishes—it’s entirely possible to take traditional b-day tactics from ho-hum to awesome…

    Shake up a celebration with these 25 surprise birthday ideas!


    1. Place a special delivery to work.

    It’s always fantastic when a birthday happens to land on a non-work day. But if there’s no dice on that chance, the next best thing is to add a warm glow to a day spent under florescent lights. Give an office space some sparkle with the delivery of pizza, balloons, cupcakes, flowers, fruit bouquets, singing telegrams, etc.


    2. Say “Happy Birthday” on a blog or ad space.

    The best birthday surprises come when least suspected by a recipient. So work ‘em into their daily ‘routine’! One wonderful way to do this is via online news sites or blogs that he/she catches up on each day. Pay a small price for the big smile incurred by utter disbelief, when your special person stumbles upon a personalized wish in a banner or sidebar ad space!


    3. Fly in a long-distance friend or family member.

    When it comes to surprise birthday ideas for boyfriends or girlfriends, focus on quality over quantity. A big shindig has great potential. But having a sibling or best college buddy show up at the front door for a mini-reunion weekend, after months or even years of being apart, will bring unbeatable amounts of enthusiasm and memories for all.


    4. Explore uncharted territory.

    Everyone has at least one place that evokes a comment like: “I wish I’d gone there back in the day,” or “I want to go there someday.” So… take ‘em there! A birthday surprise like this comes with the flexibility of boasting any size scale, from the simple fix of a local restaurant that’s yet to be tried, to perhaps a grandiose journey to an entirely new country waiting to be explored.


    5. Movie montage of memories.

    Recruit family and friends from all over to send you a digital video recording that entails a wish for the big day or a favorite memory. Compile them all, getting as creative as you’d like to create one great, big personalized file/DVD that is bursting with surprise birthday cheer for the unsuspecting honoree.


    6. Send snail mail.

    Ahhhh, the lost art of letter-writing, sealing, stamping, and sending. Strange but true, folks these days just don’t expect to receive fun mail through the good ol’ USPS anymore. Which warrants one heck of a fantastic surprise birthday idea. Send an ‘old school’ card or letter to the lucky person. Want to go a step further? Send an entire package full of festive b-day love. Or send multiple cards/letters over the span of a few days!


    7. In-home personal chef.

    Just when he thought you were going to cook for him… get him to think again! Surprise birthday ideas for husbands like this tantalize the taste buds, while neither of you lift a finger. Hiring an in-home chef to create a mouth-watering meal is an easy way to enjoy a relaxed evening of elegance, quality time, and favorite gourmet foods together.


    8. Rad radio message.

    What’s surprise birthday ideas for a best friend are short ‘n’ sweet but heard all over? Wishes sent over the airwaves! Chances are, you’ve been in his/her car or home enough to know what radio station is the favorite. So dial it up to request a song or give an on-air shout out to the birthday guy or gal. Whether commuting or just kickin’ it, it’s bound to make a radio listening experience all the more exciting.


    9. Yarn trail.

    Place a gift somewhere—anywhere, near or far. Tie one end of ball of yarn to it, then basically go for a walk. Stroll around the house, the yard, or maybe even wherever birthday festivities may be taking place. When you get to the other end of your string (or have reached your ambling limits), tape it to a small box or card for him/her to open, with instructions to follow the string for a birthday surprise!


    10. Giant box full of balloons and…

    This is one of the most clever ideas for delivering a surprise birthday gift. It’s best for lighter presents (likecards/certificates). Attach a gift of some sort to the end of a helium balloon bouquet. Gently stuff the balloons into a larger box and wrap, ready for your recipient to squeal with shocked delight when the box flaps open! Be sure to use enough balloons that they float up, but not TOO many that they get away from the lucky gift-getter.


    11. Adult piñata.

    This is ideal for, say, a surprise 30th birthday idea. Or any ‘mature’ age that is still feeling young at heart. And the fact that it can be filled with much more than just candy only adds to the adult fun. Think along the lines of age-appropriate goodies like shooters, a gift certificate to conquer a bucket list wish, or a bunch of desirables that make up a ‘kit’ of some sort.


    12. Door and hallway hack.

    This sort of birthday surprise for a best friend, boyfriend or girlfriend is a classic. And it can be accomplished in a couple of ways. Vertically rig balloons and streamers to fall into your honoree when a door opens. Or for a slightly less MacGyver-esque move, fill a hallway or a room with a ridiculous amount of helium fun for him/her to walk into.


    13. Not-so-typical picnic.

    This surprise birthday idea is perfect for a husband or wife. Include all the usual picnic fixings, but go beyond the basic blanket set-up for an even more romantic, magical meal. Think outside the box (or rather the picnic basket) for ways to decorate the area around the blanket. String mason jars full of LED tea lights from a nearby tree. Anchor countless pinwheels around your spot on a hill. Line the perimeter with balloons. And so on.


    14. Tick-tock, it's a b-day clock.

    For those who love surprise birthday presents that just keep on coming, this idea is for them! Decide on as many ‘designated gifting times’ as you’d like throughout the day. Then wrap a corresponding present for each. When the clock strikes any of those times, your recipient opens the corresponding package.


    15. More than a rowboat ride.

    What do you get when you add a splash of sparkling wine and a cute bouquet of balloons to a rowboat? A romantic birthday surprise for a husband, wife, boyfriend or girlfriend! Take ‘em out on the H2O to drift merrily along. Make even more waves on the outing, by adding a buoy to the festive fun—one that just so happens to have a gift of sorts attached to it.


    16. Birthday baño!

    This gem is reserved for those with a sense of humor. Decorate the underside of a john’s lid and maybe even the seat (because we can only hope that if you intend to use it as a surprise birthday idea for a boyfriend or husband, he’s the type to put the seat up when necessary). Then just imagine the sheer astonishment doing one’s business will deliver.


    17. Scavenger hunt.

    There’s one present to rule them all… because it holds the first clue to as many as you’d like to follow it. This grand activity is great for celebrating any age. But it does double nicely as surprise 30th birthday idea for marking a cool, three-decade milestone. And as such, the last clue can lead to a ridiculously awesome gift or a room full of favorite people!


    18. Sneaky party favor flair.

    This birthday surprise idea for adults is the most spectacularly subliminal b-day wish around! It’s especially effective for adding an element of flabbergasted greatness to a party, particularly if the get-together itself isn’t a surprise to the honoree. Customize flair like beverage coozies, printed balloons, t-shirts, etc.  with the general tomfoolery of ridiculous birthday sayings, photos or inside jokes. Make sure everyone in attendance is sporting the flair, in order to pack the most powerful surprise punch!


    19. Midnight madness.

    This doozey is perfect for the person who ISN’T typically a night owl. Set his/her alarm to go off at midnight on their big day. Then do fun activities like a quick beverage before a nearby bar closes. Breakfast at night at an all-hours diner. A moonlight hike. A campfire with s’mores. Unwrapping a first b-day gift of the day. Then watching the beautiful sun come up from a hot lookout spot.


    20. Creative car-jacking.

    Colored chalk isn’t just for sidewalks… and this fun surprise birthday idea for a girlfriend or boyfriend isn’t just for high school students and school spirit. But that association means it will likely be easy to pull off and evoke a genuine shock for the person on the receiving end. Add plenty of festive art flair to their ride. And if you’re feeling extra-nice, throw a car wash into the mix for later.


    21. Super smorgasbord.

    Think of this idea as a free-for-all for the birthday guy or gal’s taste buds. Put together a table fit for a whole day of leisurely feasting. It should boast an array of favorites, featuring your person’s top-choice of eats, sweets and liquid treats. Whether it’s a healthy spread, an assortment of guilty pleasures, or a little of each, the result is bound to be a full stomach and happy heart.


    22. Limo life.

    Go get ice cream. Enjoy dinner out. Sip a glass of bubbly. Cruise over to a friend’s house. Grab a slice or pizza and a beer. Whatever you do, do it in a luxurious stretch limo. Because even the most ordinary activity seems ‘extraordinary’ when a birthday surprise seats someone in a set of these exquisite wheels!


    23. All-star sporting event.

    Go the extra mile when it comes to giving tickets to a game. Do you have inside connections, or does a venue offer certain “amenities” in exchange for forking over a little green? Try to arrange a meet ‘n’ greet with his/her favorite player. Or even if the local hot shots aren’t available, you may still be able to finagle a private photo opp on the pro turf before spectators roll in and the game commences.


    24. Take a spontaneous trip!

    You've heard of destination-weddings. Why not do a destination-birthday getaway?! Surprise a best friend or special someone by hopping on a plane or loading up the car to embark on a secret trip! Celebrate a birthday in NYC, San Francisco, LA, Chicago, Miami, or any number of stunning cities in-between!


    25. Awesome outdoor décor.

    Most people expect surprise birthday lovin’ to greet them within 4 walls….. on mirrors, doorways, hallways, desks, etc. So put a new twist on this old festive favorite! Exceed expectations by decorating the OUTSIDE of the house. You know, like how folks do for the holidays… but with birthday goods! Think of it as celebratory TP’ing…. For adults.


    26. Throw a HALF birthday party.

    No explanation should be needed for why THIS is the BEST birthday surprise for adults! Think about it... how many people even give their birthdays a thought 6 months before/after it happens? Which gives you plenty of time to plan, invite, commence and pull off the most incredible surprise party someone has ever experienced! (And keep it an actual surprise.)

  • Give him nothing short of perfect birthday presents to go with his festive cake!

    Add the best kind of birthday magic to a favorite fellow's big day! Cloud 9 Living proudly presents a unique collection of birthday gift ideas for men to make any major milestone or year in-between one worth remembering forever! Find birthday gifts for dads, brothers, uncles and granddads that will go down in family history. Or give a husband or boyfriend the most romantic birthday present you can think of, with a fun experience gift the two of you can enjoy together!

    Enlighten his interest in rolling fairways and globally acclaimed courses, played by golf's most legendary names. Sharpen up his swing and putting skills, giving him tall tales to tell about the day he teed up for one-one-one golf instruction with a PGA Pro! Or go a bit further making his golf dreams come true… Let him escape for a few days, to unwind in the presence of lush greens and luxurious resort amenities.

    Maybe you have a relative who is ready to rev a horsepower-packed engine? Birthday gift ideas for him that come with the hottest sets of wheels are the way to go! Cloud 9 Living's extensive offering of race car driving experiences in Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Miami, Charlotte and more get a guy out of the stands and right onto pit road! He can tackle the same tracks raced by professional circuits, thanks to countless driving and ride along opportunities. Choose from stock, Indy, dragster, exotic car racing, and more!

    Want to send a friend, boss or coworker on the thrill of a lifetime? Go for birthday present ideas that pack an unparalleled adrenaline-punch! With an assortment of action and adventure experience gifts available, nothing will bring a bigger smile to a lucky lad's face quite like unwrapping a pilot lesson, air combat mission, surfing class, rock climbing, caving gig, bungee jumping, and plenty of other heart-pounding options. Send him solo or join him to make the outing one of double-the-fun proportions!

    And for the birthday boy who's a big fan of a nice, relaxed pace, why not check out more intimate birthday gift ideas, perfect for enjoying as a pair. Easy-going excursions like brewery visits, food tours, vineyard tastings, guided city tours, and scenic lunch, dinner or brunch cruises are the perfect way to celebrate. Offering a delightful mix of entertainment paired with just the right amount of leisure, nothing beats honoring his big day with one that's well spent together.

  • Give her a birthday gift that dazzles and delights for long after her big day!

    Cloud 9 Living offers a brilliant array of birthday gift ideas for women that are just as unique as your one-of-a-kind recipient. Treat your best friend who is a sucker for adrenaline to high-thrill adventures. Or invite Mom to explore the sights, sounds and tasty food samples a city has to offer. And as far as we know, there's not a girlfriend, wife, aunt or sister who will refuse the luxurious refreshment that comes with all types of mini-getaways — by spa, boat and beyond! So it goes without saying (but we'll do it anyway), that the best kind of birthday present for her is just waiting to be unwrapped.

    Pamper a lucky lady with ahh-infused birthday gift ideas that really raise the bar when it comes to a rejuvenating escape. Treatments like massages, mani-pedis and facials are classic ways to send warm wishes on her birthday. Prefer to take a more customized approach to the "spoiling her revitalized" regiment? Spafinder Wellness Certificates are a sure-fire way to give a birthday gift for her favorite kind of a pampering. With over 20,000 participating locations to choose from nationwide, she can enjoy endless spa options like aromatherapy, wraps, yoga, fitness training, salon services, retail purchases, and more.

    And the ways to unwind don't stop there! Cloud 9 Living proudly offers a myriad of unique experiences that leave the hustle and bustle of the big city behind, allowing for serene escapes. Invite a lucky lady to kick back with birthday gift ideas like a tranquil NYC wine tasting sail by the Statue of Liberty aboard an authentic tall ship; private vineyard tours complete with sampling; intimate gondola cruises that drift into the sunset; and majestic catamarans that float gracefully beneath the Golden Gate Bridge. Commemorate an extra-special year with milestone birthday gifts that can be shared in the company of family and friends like lunch, dinner and brunch cruises. Treat her to chocolate tours that feature the sweetest metropolitan hot spots, or art classes that cultivate a remarkable sense of calm.

    Maybe she's the type of gal who prefers her great escapes to come with a bit more adrenaline? With Cloud 9 Living, that's just as easily dreamt as it is done! Send a wonder woman on action-packed outings like ziplining adventures in Philly; kayaking along Tomales Bay; learning to fly an airplane amid the vast expanse of Sig Sur; whale watching in the Pacific waters of Newport; NASCAR driving on the Texas Motor Speedway; plus countless other exhilarating activities throughout the U.S. that make truly unforgettable birthday gifts for her!

    With birthday gift ideas for women like these, you won't just add to her stash of annual birthday presents... You'll give her lifelong memories that will be so well-enjoyed, they're bound to be the icing on her cake!

  • Celebrate someone special with birthday gift ideas that are perfect for making a mark on their latest milestone!

    Commemorating a big, new year in a way that surpasses all other festivities and gifts can be a tall order at times — especially when trying to steer clear of clichés. But Cloud 9 Living has great news! We've made it a piece of cake to celebrate someone in style, with birthday presents that will last long after the party has wrapped up. Sift through countless gifting options that will deliver the celebration of a lifetime. With birthday gift ideas like big bucket list wishes, savory urban food explorations, fun ways to hobby-dabble, quality R 'n' R escapes, and plenty more — it's easy to find a memorable way to say, "Happy Birthday!"

    Raise a glass with 21st birthday gifts that defy all others! Put a nice, classy spin on this exciting milestone with experiences that go well beyond the typical bar scene. And don't worry — your lucky recipient will still need to proudly flash a valid ID to participate! Exciting outings abound that feature sips of a city's finest bubbles, vino or brews. Check out fun birthday ideas for young men and women like riveting Prohibition city tours, stylish SoHo wine tastings in NYC, cocktail-making classes, vineyard outings throughout Cali's famed wine country, free-flowing champagne brunch cruises, and paddling kayaks to refreshing brewery destinations. And that's not all! Plenty of other gifts from Cloud 9 Living are available to wet the ol' whistle with unique 21st birthday presents in a city near you.

    Nothing screams 30th and 40th birthday gift ideas quite literally like the adrenaline that comes with an adventurous present! Make a guest of honor's absolute biggest bucket list ambitions a wild reality. With action-packed options that get folks conquering fears, telling tall tales, racing heart rates, and making unforgettable memories — there's no question why a birthday present like this is one for the books. So make a mark on a noteworthy milestone by sending a newly 30- or 40-year-old on exhilarating experiences like real stock car driving on professional race tracks; bungee jumping off the Bridge to Nowhere; indoor skydiving within an ultra-powerful wind tunnel; embarking on authentic air combat missions and aerobatic biplane thrill rides; sailing vibrant ocean waters on an America's Cup vessel; and much more!

    Sometimes grand 50th and 60th birthday gift ideas mean bucket list wishes have already been granted, so it's high time to give a fascinating hobby a go instead. Turn someone into the ultimate foodie or wine connoisseur with a unique array of tours galore. Offering food and beverage outings across the major regions of the U.S., there's no better way to tantalize the taste buds, trying famed bites or sampling something new! Send a birthday guy or gal exploring new heights with a flight lesson, right from the pilot's seat of a helicopter or airplane. Check out the calm ambiance and craft of fly fishing. Or extend the invitation to tap into an artistic side, thanks to creative birthday gifts for men and women like private glassblowing classes in NYC, practice on a pottery wheel, wielding blacksmith tools, or painting with one hand and sipping fine wine with the other.