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Cloud 9 Living has gifts for men that guys really want! Celebrate a favorite fellow with unique gift ideas for him like race car driving, golf lessons with PGA Pros, flying lessons, outdoor adventures, food and beer tours, and much more. Our experience gifts for guys are guaranteed to make his day unforgettable.

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  • "This was truly an experience of a lifetime. The best gift ever.Thanks to my beautiful wife. I had an amazing time."
    Drive a Stock Car
    Vidal K
  • "I had a great time and will enjoy the memory every time I think of exciting things I've done."
    Learn to Fly
    Jim M
  • "If there was a rating above '10' I would give that. This was an anniversary gift and my pilot, Ryan, was experienced, friendly, and made this the best gift I've ever gotten! I would definitely do this again."
    Aerobatic Biplane Thrill Ride
    Keith R
  • Most folks don’t want to admit this. But even during life’s most thrilling highs, you can feel like you’re in quite the pickle when it comes to finding exceptional gift-giving ideas. Especially if you’re in the position to find unique gifts for men who have everything. Thankfully, this faux pas is often the result of the very best of intentions. We want to find something that is absolutely, 100% the most perfect gift ever for the man who means so much. Anything short of that just won’t do. Right?

    And herein lies quite the conundrum: those recurring gift-giving occasions. So when you find “the best birthday gifts for your husband or boyfriend” one year, you’ve already raised the bar for the next year. And this begs each progressive year to be better than the last. And alas, we now circle back to how “he already has it all.”

    Challenge accepted. Here are a handful of incredible ways for you to basically out-do yourself for years to come. And give that fella of yours some of the world’s greatest presents for guys out there!

    1. Custom Newspaper Birthday Book

    This simple yet nostalgic birthday present for him can be found on plenty of gifting sites that revolve around memorabilia and milestones. Typically, it comes as a professionally-bound masterpiece, featuring the front pages of a designated paper, on his special date from birth year to present. Options usually include The New York Times, Washington Post or Los Angeles Times.


    2. One-on-One Craft Brewing Session

    This idea is the king of unique gifts for men who have everything. Because it basically ends with liquid gold (or amber or brown or red or dark velvet); the result is a craft beer recipe entirely all his own in the universe. Most breweries who offer this experience involve a consultation, formulation of a customized recipe, then a hands-on day to engage him in creating the beer. Some locations may even offer a ‘release party’ for him to invite family/friends or even the general public to taste his liquid masterpiece.


    3. Morphed Sports Memorabilia for Man Caves

    Ever heard of transforming “vintage” equipment from his favorite sports into cool gifts for guys that are practical and functional? It’s nothing short of awesome. Need examples? Golf clubs can beautifully be blended into the back of a comfy wooden rocking chair. Hockey sticks can double as great BBQ tool handles or a wall-mounted coat rack. And ski tips can be morphed into the ultimate wine rack to display on a bar or shelf. Just Google search local artists in your area who can make this magic happen.


    4. Fly a Jetpack

    Remember that movie, The Rocketeer? And who could forget Back to the Future? Get him feelin’ some superhero status by strapping a jetpack to either his back or feet. He’s guaranteed to grin from ear to ear as he dives, swoops, hovers and more with this hydro-powered phenomenon!


    5. Customized Constellation

    Online resources abound to help you with both the astronomical and artistic side of this unique, romantic gift for your husband or boyfriend. Scope out the sky’s recorded activity on a given day (if you wish to get super-detailed), then connect the twinkling dots to create a sentimental star pattern all your own. Add a gorgeous frame or have it printed to canvas, or have an Etsy expert transfer your design to some other sort of swag he’ll like.


    6. Soundwave Art

    For a chic, modern gift for that man who has everything, here’s something profoundly irreplaceable. Create canvas wall art that showcases your voice, a favorite song, or any preferred sound relaying a message of love. Just record it, then outsource to a connoisseur of turning audible soundwave art into spectacular canvas creations. These soundwaves will speak louder than any words!


    7. Scuba Diving Lessons

    If he’s the type who has it all, maybe that means he also has waterfront property and a boat to boot. But! Is he licensed to take the plunge off of that fancy vessel and explore fathoms below? Help him get his feet wet with this unique hobby and maybe even earn his very own fins.


    8. Escape Room Outing

    This trend has caught on like crazy across the US, and it doesn’t look like it’s going anywhere fast. For a creative birthday gift for him or to celebrate with the friends/fam, find one near you! He’ll have a blast trying to solve riddles to get out of the ‘locked’ room. And even if he’s done one before, just bring a new crew along of choose a new room’s case to crack.


    9. Hot Tub Boat

    Believe it or not, these actually exist. While they come in a variety of shapes and sizes, you can generally expect this: a cozy little boat, with a sturdy deck, cup holders, built-in coolers, and stereo system. Cruise at a relaxed speed for a lovely day on the water. While its price tag may be pretty steep, you never know where you can find nearby rentals. If he doesn’t know they exist, then obviously you’ve struck a golden gift!


    10. Timeless Wall Clock

    Snag a few snapshots of your main man’s absolute memories—12 to be exact. Then mount them on a wall clock, letting his favorite adventures stand in for each digit. Unique, romantic gifts for men truly don’t get much better than this. And his one-of-a-kind timepiece is perfect for an office or den.


    11. Drive a Race Car

    Got a “car guy” on your hands? Maybe that means he already owns any number of sweet sets of wheels, then. But it’s a safe bet there are still plenty out there he has yet to hop into. So scope out his collection (or lack thereof). Then put him in the driver’s seat of dream cars ranging from rough ‘n’ rugged stock and Indy racing cars, to sleek ‘n’ stylish exotics.


    12. Pro Sports Camp

    Treat your man to one of the most original and testosterone-filled gift ideas for him: one-on-one instruction from his favorite professional athlete. If a specific name isn’t doable, finding a group-camp of sorts that offers coaching/lessons on pro turf isn’t too shabby either!


    13. Submarine Trip

    All Beatles jokes aside, there’s a good chance that nothing can beat this sort of gift for a guy who has everything. Invite him to explore the fascinating world that moves and breathes below the ocean’s surface! Chances are, he won’t be able to believe his eyes both when he unwraps this present and takes the plunge to unfathomable depths!


    14. Trip to the Olympics

    If it only happens every 4 years, then you know it has to be quite the elite occasion. Get him in on one of the globe’s biggest and most respected parties. And don’t forget to help him pack plenty of patriotic flair! This type of present for your boyfriend or husband won’t soon be forgotten. Especially when Olympic fever strikes every 4 years.


    15. Bull Riding

    Believe it or not, genuine cowboy status is not required! Schools for this crazy-creative gift for him are open to the public. Give him a shot at those glorious eight seconds with a training session at one of the best rodeo schools in the US! It’s time to put more invaluable memories in his bucket list bank.


    16. Bartending Classes

    There’s no better gift for the guy who has everything than one that keeps on giving. Like bartending classes! Let him learn a fun talent to benefit himself or others. And it’s a skill that never goes out of style, so he can wet his whistle with tasty mixology trends for a lifetime!


    17. Meet-N-Greet With His Hero

    Whether hailing from the world of sports, philanthropy, politics, film, art, humanities, or any other area of interest, see if you can’t make this happen. Tap into connections, splurge on your gift-spending limit, try to pull strings. Because just imagine the look on his face when he rolls up to meet you for lunch, but instead see [insert hero’s name here]!


    18. Custom Ice Cream Flavor

    If his taste buds could talk, what would they say? Probably that food is the best birthday gift idea for men in all the universe. But not just any food… Throw together some of his favorite tastes and concoct a new ice cream flavor to name after him! It will be the best coupling with cake EVER. Want to go all-out? Have it packaged for presentation, or ready and waiting at a local parlor as a birthday surprise!


    19. Oktoberfest in Germany

    If he’s never experienced this lederhosen-infused extravaganza, now is the time! Pack his bags and send him to Munich for one of the globe’s most celebrated festivals. Join him for the pretzels, brews and shenanigans—or send him with some buddies. Either way, he’ll have an irreplaceable experience!


    20. Donate in His Name

    There is hardly a more memorable gesture than putting others first. So if it’s tough to find gifts for the man who has everything, give some of those gifting finances to those who have next to nothing. Make a healthy donation to a charity in his name.


    21. Private Vineyard Tour

    Does he own everything… except perhaps his own vineyard? Help him entertain the idea of a potential purchase with an exclusive tasting tour! He’ll get a behind-the-scenes look at the property and fascinating operations behind the art of wine-making. Of course, relaxing among the beautiful scenery with sparkling samples is all part of this sweet deal.


    22. Weightless Flight

    We’ve all had those astronaut dreams as kids. Did you know you don’t need to become a rocket scientist to float like one? Or even leave the safety of Earth, for that matter. Make his most cherished childhood dreams a most memorable reality. A zero-gravity experience is, hands-down, an ultra-creative gift for a husband or boyfriend that’s out of this world!


    23. Publish His “Book”

    Whether he’s an aspiring author or just likes to dabble with doodling, song lyrics, poems, or random compositions… Have his work of written word-art professionally bound, glossy pages and all. Then let him unwrap the most unique, personalized gift for him to ever to grace his bookshelf. If it’s really good stuff (although you may be biased), why not get a second copy printed and donate it to the local library.


    24. Learn to Fly an Airplane or Helicopter

    Finding gifts for guys who HAVE everything doesn’t necessarily mean he has DONE everything, right? It’s a pretty safe assumption that learning to fly an aircraft should be on any fella’s bucket list. Make high-flying ambitions a reality, and put him in that pilot’s seat for a special occasion!


    25. African Safari, Anyone?

    This idea just can’t be left off a list like this. It’s the epitome of a grand adventure into uncharted territory. So if he hasn’t had the pleasure of coming face to face with wild beasts in their natural habitat, you best get him booked!


    26. Snowkiting Lesson

    Let him go fly a kite… from a snowboard! Simply put, this is just one heck of a cool gift for guys. Especially the type who love to be outdoors but have yet to explore all the sporty offerings out there. And if he’s tried snowboarding (and already owns all of that gear), this is the perfect way for him to take his hobby to the next level.


    27. Picnic at the Bottom of the Grand Canyon

    Without a doubt, this is one of the most creative locations for an intimate meal. So it’s also guaranteed to be one of the most romantic birthday ideas for a husband or boyfriend. EVER. What could possibly be better than hiking to the bottom of one of the Seven Natural Wonders of the World? Not to mention unwinding with some eats and a bottle of red with your beloved. Then cozy up together in a camping tent under a dazzling night sky.


    28. Aerial Tour of the Grand Canyon

    Maybe he prefers to indulge in the vast awesomeness of the Grand Canyon, but without breaking a sweat? Invite him to hop aboard a private plane or helicopter for a spin over some of the world’s most awe-inspiring beauty below. While snapping some sweet pics is always encouraged, it’s a safe bet he’ll score views he’ll never forget.


    29. Private Yacht Charter

    Got a land-locked lad on your hands? Whisk him away to a hot spot offering luxurious outings on pristine water. Whether he wants a one-on-one boating session with his beloved, or opts to bring the whole crew along for an off-shore shindig, this combo of quality time mixed with a grand getaway is the perfect gift idea for the man who has it all.


    30. In-Home Chef Experience

    If your main man is the ultimate foodie and has been to every five-star restaurant in town and beyond, this unique gift for him is the way to go! Surprise him with an exquisite dinner prepared by a gourmet chef, right in the comfort of his own home. In fact, you can even go a step further and invite him to enjoy a cooking lesson as well—he won’t believe how he’s capable of making his own mouth water!


    31. Ninja Lesson

    Unless he’s actually a real ninja and is playing dumb to keep his hidden talent under wraps, there’s no way he’s even aware a gem like this exists. Let him experience the thrill of learning this 900-year-old martial art. He’ll walk away with skills in self-defense, heightened awareness, and combat strategy—all things that can’t be bought in stores.

  • Explore thousands of top gifts for men who have everything, that will leave him forgetting nothing!

    Guys can be the toughest crowd to buy for. But lucky for you, Cloud 9 Living loves a good challenge. So we've already found great gift ideas for men that make gift-giving easier than ever! With 2,000+ experiences to choose from across the U.S., find the gifts that men actually want — suited for every occasion, interest, personality type, or hobby.

    Got a golf lover on your hands? Make his biggest birthday or anniversary wishes come true on emerald-green fairways. Our golf gifts for men are sure to get any guy grinning from ear to ear, with options like resort getaways on renowned championship courses across the country. Or invite him to take his game to the next level, thanks to exclusive instruction from a real PGA Pro. Whether he tees up on the driving range or plays a few holes, experience gifts for men like these are guaranteed to be the 'par-fect' way to commemorate a special day.

    Is he a bucket list buff? With mind-blowing gifts for him in Boston, NY, Dallas, Denver, LA, and dozens of cities in-between, the holidays and other special occasions are the best time to push the limits his bravery with action and adventure! Dare him to take the ultimate plunge with outings like skydiving and bungee jumping. Get his adrenaline pumping behind the wheel of a real race car or burnin' rubber with a flashy exotic car. Have him defy gravity on an aerobatic biplane thrill ride. Or head to the H2O for as much action on the water as he can handle with cool gifts for guys like surfing, kayaking, and white water rafting!

    Know a fellow who's a jack of all trades? Add to his growing repertoire of interests! With outstanding gifts for men in the hottest urban areas of the country, he can unwrap awesome outings like city sightseeing and boat rides, food and beer tastings, aerial tours and lessons on how to fly an airplane, art or photography classes, cooking instruction, and plenty of other ways to feed his hobby-hungry appetite!

    Whether you're celebrating a special occasion, planning a unique date, or just looking for fun things to do in a favorite part of the U.S. — these are the best gifts for men who have everything, and for those guys love going after once-in-a-lifetime experiences.

  • Nothing makes a guy's heart race quite like Cloud 9 Living's adventure gifts for men!

    Knock a few items off a fellow's bucket list! Our adrenaline-filled experience gifts provide a plethora of dashing and daring excursions by land, water and air! They're guaranteed to give even the biggest thrill-seeker the fix of a lifetime — along with plenty of memories to boot.

    Want to really put a guy 'on cloud nine'? Cool gifts for him like flying lessons and aerial tours will do just that! Invite him to spread his wings with unforgettable experiences that are the perfect way to wish him well for a birthday, anniversary, graduation, holiday, or other special occasion. Gifts for guys like learning to fly a helicopter or airplane put him in control of the actual aircraft! He'll learn the ins and outs of aviation during a brief ground instruction, then take to the pilot's seat for himself. Does he crave some G-force in the air up there? Give him a healthy dose of it with air-ventures like combat missions and aerobatic thrill rides.

    Maybe you need a gift for men who are always going after a new H2O excursion. Cloud 9 Living has plenty of wet 'n' wild experiences guys love! Challenge him to tackle waves, ride rapids, and encounter nautical beasts with top gifts for him that offer plenty of aquatic-adrenaline and smiles. With great gifts for guys in San Francisco, LA, San Diego, Miami, DC, and other coastal cities — he can get in on lessons and guided tours for kayaking, snorkeling, flying jetpacks, whale watching, white water rafting, surfing, scuba diving, sportfishing, and more.

    If he's the type to thrive on drier dares, there are lots of ways to make it a double. Check out unique outdoor adventure gifts for him like bungee jumping, rock climbing, zip lining, skydiving, mountain biking, and cave spelunking. Or tempt him straight into the driver's seat of the planet's fastest vehicles, making all of his extreme MPH and race car driving dreams come true!

    Not quite sure how to satisfy his bucket list hunger? Sometimes the best gifts for men are those that let them choose their own kind of action — like Cloud 9 Living Gift Certificates!

  • For the man whose motto is "eat, drink and be merry," Cloud 9 Living has perfectly delicious gift ideas for him!

    Make any man's heart just as happy as his stomach with an array of tasty tours, cruises, and classes. With countless experiences to choose from across the U.S.'s finest cities, it's easy to find a mouthwatering gift for your favorite man! So invite a dude to enjoy drinks or dine out in unique ways with top gifts for men in Chicago, NY, Austin, Los Angeles, DC, San Diego, and countless other cities with renowned 'foodie' hubs.

    Cheers to a special occasion or simply delight him with a unique date night on the water. A dinner, lunch or brunch cruise on a scenic bay, river or harbor makes for much more than just a meal. So when it comes to unique gifts for men, this one takes the cake! Dining cruise options vary across location, but amenities may include choices like: plated cuisine, buffet service, cash bars, DJ entertainment, live music, public seating, and private tables. Want to explore more options on the water? Check out a beer or wine tasting sail, or light hors d'oeuvres aboard a boat ride at sunset.

    Further tantalize his taste buds with cool gifts ideas for men like food tours! He'll find out what's cookin' in kitchens across the U.S., with topics like renowned restaurants, fascinating histories, best-kept cocktail secrets, cheese, chocolates, cultural influences, craft beers, local bites, and so on. Whether he's a local or just visiting a new neck o' the woods, these urban tours are nothing short of the most mouthwatering gifts for men a city has to offer!

    Need a few more 'menu' options for a favorite male foodie? Cloud 9 Living's collection of in-home chef experiences and culinary classes make great gifts for him! From chocolate-making to sushi-rolling, simple appetizers to more elaborate entrees, wine-pairings and more — he'll learn the tricks of a tasty trade straight from the professionals themselves! And it's safe to say his palate will be pretty pleased, too.

    So whip up some gourmet gift-giving and fire-up some tasty treats for a favorite guy — because these gift ideas for men are sure to make memories that will last longer than any barbeque stain on a white t-shirt!

  • Put your favorite fellow into the car of his dreams with driving gift ideas for him from Cloud 9 Living!

    Whether it's a husband, boyfriend, brother, boss or friend — nearly everyone knows a guy who loves to rock a lil' lead foot. If that's the name of his game, his ticket to fast cars and freedom is here! Take him where speed limits don't exist with great gifts for men like driving exotic cars, stock and Indy cars, motorcycles, and more.

    For the man who can't get enough "flashy" with the fast, it's high time to get him behind the wheel of the world's most prestigious vehicles. With options including (but not limited to) Ferraris, Lamborghinis, Nissan GT-Rs, Corvettes and Porsches — there isn't a need for speed that these awesome racing gifts for guys can't satisfy. He'll enjoy top-notch coaching from a professional driver as he zips along the straights and hairpin turns of a competitive road course, to ensure only the most impressive performance!

    If he prefers horsepower that's a bit more rugged as it rumbles around a track, then there's no better gifts for men than slipping into the driver's seat of an authentic stock car. After a formal training session, he'll suit up and speed out of pit road for the most memorable miles of his life! Is he a bigger fan of open-wheel vehicles? Then gifts for men like driving Indy cars or Formula 2000 vehicles will be the best way for him to burn rubber, on the very same tracks raced by the professional circuits themselves.

    Of course, nearly all race car driving experience gifts also offer the option of ride alongs. He can buckle up for one of the most exhilarating adrenaline rushes of his life, as a pro driver rockets him around the track with mind-blowing MPHs and G-force! Not sure if he'd prefer to ride or drive? No need to decide — combo packages are often available, so that this cool gift for men gives him the very best of both wow-factors!

    And for the motorcycle man with dirt bike adventures or a Harley Davidson rental on his must-have list, Cloud 9 Living can get him puttin' the pedal to the metal with two wheels in no time!

  • One of the biggest mysteries of the universe is finding the right presents for guys—especially when it comes to gifts for “the manly man.” And particularly if he already seems to have it all.

    But believe it or not, there is plenty of gift-giving glory to be found in this chaos. You can easily figure out what guys really want out of a gift simply by observing the completely obvious. Notice what he talks about, watches on TV, scopes out at the store, orders at restaurants, does with his buddies, enjoys in his spare time….

    Easy enough, right? Maybe you’re saying, “But I already do all that to try to come up with gifts for him on every special occasion.” Herein lies the key, though: (1) keep calm, and (2) shop on without over-thinking.

    Keep your options simple (practical and useable), then just add a little twist. Before you know it, you’ll be wrapping up a gift for your guy that he absolutely adores—and without you sweating too much over the selection process. Scope out the ideas below for inspiration. Then discover where your own cleverness take you!

    1. DIY Snack Basket

    When it comes to gifts for the manly man, this is one of the easiest yet most effective. Assemble all of his favorite fixings. Go for things like beef jerky, chips and queso, pizza gift cards, sunflower seeds, Clif Bars, trail mix, and maybe his go-to-candy if he has a sweet tooth to satisfy. Any guilty pleasures that make his mouth water. Put ‘em all together in a basket, box, tin or creative container of sorts. And just like that, you’re done.

    2. Brew-His-Own-Beer Session

    When it comes to guy gifts that can’t go wrong, beer is a pretty safe bet. But not just any beer. Gift him with the chance to craft his very own ‘hoppiness’ in a bottle. Typically offered by local microbreweries, these sessions often involve a consultation, followed by a day of making magic alongside the location’s master brewer. Some even have a release party for participants to tantalize the taste buds of family and friends.

    3. Manly Scented Soap

    The jury may still be out on whether this is what guys really want as a gift, but to each his own. While some men may prefer to smell like fresh spring air, others want to rock a scent that is a little rougher around the edges. An online search can point you in the direction of finding winning aromas like bacon, beer, pizza, popcorn, maybe even engine oil.

    4. "Dig This": Vegas Gifts for the Manly Man

    This is a less, shall we say, “traditional” Las Vegas activity. As such, it’s one of the best gifts for men in the U.S., that’s also something of a best-kept secret in Sin City. Get your fella behind the controls of some of the world’s most large and in-charge equipment, like bulldozers and excavators. Manly grunts are entirely welcome as they rip, dig, tear, and claw at fierce terrain.

    5. Power Tools

    If you can’t make it out to Vegas to celebrate your main squeeze with heavy machinery, good gifts for guys that add to his stash in the garage are the next best thing. Then while you’re at it, there’s no harm in suggesting how great he’d be at a few DIY projects around the house. His new toys are bound to make him extra-eager.

    6. Man Crates

    For the guy in your life who is a jack of all trades, these gems are a perfect route to go for gifts for men for any special occasions. Give it a Google, then search the company site for a gift ‘theme’ that best fits your main man’s personal style. Choose from options like grub, grilling, gadgets, drinks, outdoor gear, sports, and more! The crate will come loaded with all kinds of goodies galore, giving him months of testosterone-infused fun.

    7. Special Effects Workshop

    Make his movie dreams a reality with a behind the scenes peek at pyrotechnics, explosions and other special effects! Gifts for the manly man like this get him beside the pros who design and execute these film-worthy wonders, ensuring his big day is a real blast!

    8. Brewery Tour

    If you have a beer-lover in your life, this birthday gift for guys is a route straight to his heart. He’ll delight in sampling an array of saisons, lagers, ales, pilsners, and more from old or new hot spots. And he can even enjoy chats with brew masters themselves, while touring local facilities and tap rooms.

    9. Whiskey Cubes

    For the fellow who prefers his drinks hard instead of hoppy, manly-man gifts like this are a perfect way to wet his whistle. Night caps will be all the more refreshing at the end of a long day. And bonus points are always up for grabs if his cubes come monogrammed!

    10. Dude Food Tour

    Food tours aren’t just for featuring sugar and spice. They can also highlight some seriously gratifying grub, when you find the right city tour to try. Scope out what’s available in his neck o’ the woods or let send him sampling through a new city. Be sure to inquire with tour companies what stops may potentially be included, so a menu of mouthwatering items is sure to be included in this gift for the manly man.

    11. Beer Cap Map

    Quite simply, this is what guys really want for their man caves. So as much as Pinterest may have some great manly décor ideas, it’s probably best to keep it simple. And with so many hollow spaces that need filling in, it will validate his desire to crack cold ones until his mission is complete.

    12. Duct Tape Wallet

    This gift idea for men may evoke some eye rolls and prompt some folks to ask: “Why?” …But the better question is: “Why NOT?” If you’re looking for gifts for a true manly-man, chances are his life is a battlefield for his personal belongings. So since duct tape clearly “fixes everything,” it’s high time to preserve the lifespan of a staple accessory.

    13. Personalized Steak Brander

    If a prototype for gifts for the manly man exists, this is it! With metal, fire, red meat, and personalization all rolled into one, it’s impossible to go wrong. Watch his face beam during backyard barbeque parities, as he sears his initials into the delicious eats he’s grillin’ up for the masses.

    14. Camping/Outdoor Gear

    Is there such thing as a camping or outdoor enthusiast who doesn’t love being the lucky recipient of top-notch equipment? Didn’t think so. Hands down, these are the best gifts for guys who love to take walks on all kinds of wild sides. Quench his continued thirst for adventure. He’ll be eternally grateful.

    15. Car Stuff

    Know a car guru who tinkers around in the garage for hours on end? Great gift ideas for men like these are the memorable kind that also happen to feed his four-wheeled habit. A clever chat will help you determine whether he has his eyes on some new gadgets, or if some of his older gizmos are in need of shiny, new replacements.

    16. Drive a Race Car

    If his love for cars isn’t restricted to working on them, but also satisfying a hunger for feeling horsepower in action, then this gift for the manly man leads the pack. Get your husband or boyfriend out on a real race track and behind the wheel of a rugged stock car, sleek Indy ride, or flashy exotic vehicle.

    17. Monthly *Anything* Clubs

    These days, there’s a consumables-club out there for nearly every kind of personality, hobby and interest. And usually, they feature gifts men really want: pizza, shaving kits, grill goods, bacon, whisky, burgers, sports magazines, hot sauces… the list goes on and on. This makes gift-giving easy on you, and gift-getting exciting for him.

    18. Poker Accessories

    A plethora of unique guys’ gifts come with card playing in mind. Which is probably no shock, seeing as many a “night with the boys” means dealing hot hands amongst beer and cigars. Make him the envy of all his buddies. Up the stakes of the card shark scenery by giving him a swanky new table, chip display, or deck holder, etc.

    19. Gym Membership

    Nothing says “gift for the manly man” quite like a present that keeps him pumpin’ iron. If your sweetheart loves a good sweat, this is bound to make his gym rat heart as happy as can be. But be sure you know your audience with a gift like this—if he’s not someone who’s keen on weights or cardio, it could send the wrong message (eek!).

    20. Rent a Motorcycle

    Maybe your man is a proud two-wheel fanatic? Whether he dreams of having his own bike or is just itching to try out a new model, help him hit the open road! Unique gifts for him like this can usually be rented for a full day of asphalt adventure, or even up to a few days if ‘road trip’ is his middle name.

    22. Robotic Lawnmower

    Don’t believe this exists? Just check Amazon. It’s the perfect gift for guys who want their lawns to look incredibly manicured, but have a tough time hearing the words “yard” and “work.” And much to their delight, this clever device makes it easier than ever to kick back on the porch with a beverage of choice, yet still be productive.

    22. Golf Lesson with PGA Pro

    Sometimes gifts for the manly man are best defined as those that allow them some fairway therapy. There’s no more memorable way to invite him to tee up, than beside a PGA Pro as he scores helpful hints that take his game on the links to the next level.

    23. Bathrobe

    Remember The Dude? If you don’t, go (re)watch The Big Lebowski.  The Dude taught male audiences how to truly embrace the quintessential bathrobe, making it an iconic mark of a man’s man. So whether he sports it as basic lounge wear around the house, or as functional post-shower threads—he’ll wear it with zero regrets.

    24. Special-Scented Cologne

    In a world full of wild gifts for men, this option likely won’t cause anyone to bat an eye. Give your fine fellow a rugged aroma that can’t be bought in just any ol’ store. The unsurpassed assistance of Google can again help you track down the producers of unique fragrances for guys like campfire, moonshine, motor oil, and more!

    25. Desk Slingshot

    All work and no play is just plain boring. Spend your hard earned cash to buy him manly birthday gifts that jazz up his life on the job. From surprise attacks on coworkers, to setting PRs into the recycling bin, this gift for him can be found ranging from a basic plastic piece, to elegant polished wood. Regardless of the variety you choose, it’s bound to be a workplace winner.

    26. Cigar Flasks

    Preserve his “adult party favors” that are worthy of life’s most celebrated special occasions! This gift for your manly man will keep his cigars in tip-top shape, so they’re ready and waiting to cut ‘n’ light in honor of births, engagements, graduations, weddings, and many other notable festivities. As an added bonus, many companies offering this sort of gift idea for men also provide engraving services, if desired.

    27. Classic Plaid Flannel Shirt

    Not to be outdone by the other bells and whistles on this fine list of manly-men gifts, let’s finish with perhaps the manliest of them all. And to be honest, it’s probably what guys really want, if they could only have one gift on their big day. It boasts supreme comfort, offers simple functionality, and exudes rugged personality. All hail, the plaid flannel.