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Give him a gift he will never forget! Find amazing experiences starting at $50. Ranging from Ferrari Race Car Driving, Golf Lessons with a Pro, Nascar Stock Car Ride Alongs, Fighter Pilot For a Day, and so much more.

Featured Reviews:

  • Learn to Fly

  • 5

  • Los Angeles

"It was one of the most amazing experiences of my life!! The instructor was very friendly and knowledgeable, sign up was extremely easy, and booking the process through Cloud 9 was very easy. They were able to get the exact time I wanted, and let me know quickly. Thank you!"

  • Stock Car Ride Along at Daytona

  • 5

  • Jacksonville

"Outstanding in all aspect!"

  • Sunset Sailing Cruise

  • 5

  • Jacksonville

" This experience was a gift. We enjoyed our sail immensely."

Why Giving Him A Cloud 9 Living Experience Is The Best Idea You’ve Ever Had

1)  It’s the perfect gift!  Why, you ask?  Because every single Cloud 9 experience can be exchanged for any other experience we offer.  That means you can shop with the confidence that even if – for some unimaginable reason – the gift you buy him isn’t exactly what he wants then simply turn him loose in our fun house of amazing adventures, romantic getaways, and one-of-a-kind experiences.


2)  This stuff is 100% unique!  No, it’s not like your adrenaline junky hubby has never heard of tandem skydiving.  But is he expecting to open a gift certificate that will let him jump out of a plane?  On his birthday??  We expect not, and that’s precisely why giving an experience gift is one of the best things you’ll do this year – because it’s so unexpected.

3)  This gift absolutely WILL NOT collect dust in your garage!  We know you’ve been bugging him to get that thing organized before the avalanche danger becomes too great.  Well, you definitely won’t find a brewery tour teetering precariously on top of his old golf clubs.  Guaranteed.

4)  You can kick that bucket list right in the butt!  Cloud 9 Living gifts are one-of-a-kind experiences for a reason: we choose only the best of the best, and just about every experience is a dream come true for at least one person out there, including the guy whose mind you’re about to blow out of the water.

Think about it.  Is the guy you’re shopping for:Golf Is A Perfect Gift For Him

A gearhead?  Let him drive a NASCAR stock car, a Ferrari, or a Lamborghini!

A golfer?  Put him out on the links with a playing lesson from a PGA professional!

An aviator?  Well, he could fly a plane.  Or a helicopter.

A foodie?  Name your city and we probably have an awesome food tour there.

And yes, there’s more.  Cloud 9 Living features more than 1,800 experiences in 45 regions across the U.S.  There is almost certainly something for every type of guy, and that makes very hard for you to ever go wrong shopping with us.

The Top 10 Experience Gifts For Men

1)    Golf Lesson With A PGA Pro

Golf Lesson With A PGA Pro

2)    Race A Ferrari

Race A Ferrari

3)    Fighter Pilot For A Day

Fighter Pilot For A Day

4)    Brewery Tour

Brewery & Cocktail Tours

5)    Learn To Fly A Plane

Learn To Fly

7)    Go Whitewater Rafting

6)    Go Sailing


8)    Biplane Scenic Tour

Whitewater Rafting Biplane Rides
9)    Have A Chef Cook DinnerPersonal Chef Experiences

10)    Rent A Harley

Rent A Harley

The Coolest Gift Certificate Ever MadeCloud 9 Living Gift Certificates

Yes, it’s a bit of a bold statement, but hey, if you’re looking for a gift idea for him that you simply cannot go wrong with, then we’ve got the perfect solution for you.  Cloud 9 Living gift certificates mean the lucky man you’re giving to can pick the perfect experience for himself, on his own time, with no pressure.

All you have to do is select the amount and we’ll take care of the rest, including sending him a fully customized gift pack with a message from you inside.

Three reasons he’s going to LOVE a gift certificate from Cloud 9 Living:

1)    So many choices… with more than 1,800 experiences in 45 regions across the U.S., he’s going to be blown away by the possibilities – and have a lot of fun deciding on exactly which one is absolutely perfect.

2)    You can give this worry-free… we know we have something that’s gonna make him happy, and he gets to pick it out himself!  That means you don’t have to worry about picking the wrong thing or getting him something that will collect dust.

3)    It’s soooooo easy…  simply pick your gift amount, complete our safe and secure checkout process, choose a shipping option and bam! – you’re done.

Give Him A Gift Certificate Today!

What’s The Gift Pack All About?The Cloud 9 Living Gift Pack

Cloud 9 Living’s tri-fold gift pack is the icing on your experience gift’s cake.  You can either handwrite a personal message to him or enter it into our system so that it arrives printed directly on the page.

Each gift pack comes with a stunning image of the experience he’s been given – or, in the case of gift certificates, several images of all the possibilities.  It sure beats a flimsy little plastic card from a big box retailer!

Cloud 9 Living also provides many different ways to deliver the gift pack.  The tri-fold is delivered via FedEx, and we have several speed options that give you the flexibility to get that gift pack to him on time.

We also offer an email option, which means instantaneous delivery…which in turn means he can start shopping for the experience of his dreams even faster!

Give Him A Gift Certificate Today!

How To Pick The Perfect Gift For Him

How To Pick The Perfect Gift For Him

Well, first of all, who are you buying this gift for?  What kind of guy is he? What are his hobbies, his passions, his interests?

Try making a list of the things he really enjoys doing and then a list of the topics he really likes to talk about.  Then pull some common themes from the two lists.  This will help you narrow down your choices to some things you know he is really passionate about.

For example, most guys like sports to one degree or another.  But does the man you’re looking to buy the perfect gift for talk about last Sunday’s game AND buy tickets to take the family to the stadium this season?  If so then you know you’ve identified one of his true passions and that a gift geared towards that passion is going to be just right.

That's why we've organized some of Cloud 9 Living's best experiences by Personality Type.  Take a look:

Action & Adventure Gifts
Golf Lessons
Gourmet Gifts
Romantic Gifts
Thrill Seeker Gifts

Then there’s the distinction between material gifts and experience gifts.  Here at Cloud 9 Living we are clearly biased on this one – and we’re comfortable admitting that freely.   Let’s face it: everyone gives other people stuff as gifts.  And there’s lots and lots of really cool stuff out there, no doubt.

But a mounting body of research has actually shown that experience gifts are more gratifying and the benefits last longer than material gifts.  

You don’t have to take our word for it; check out these studies:

Interview With Ryan Howell, Professor of Psychology And Co-Founder of

Satisfaction From Gift Giving Better With Life Experiences

Happiness From Buying Stuff Wanes, Joy From Buying Experiences Grows

Drive A Stock Car

Plus, experience gifts are super cool, right??  Here at Cloud 9 Living we make it possible for you to give him a fighter plane to fly, a Ferrari or Lamborghini (or even a NASCAR stock Car!) to drive, an Americas Cup sailboat to sail, or the best restaurants in just about any major American city to taste.

Who else can say that?  Not Best Buy, that’s for sure… although they sure do have cool stuff there.

If you are thinking that a material good would be better this time around than an experience, we understand.

All we ask is that you check out the most popular experiences in your region first just to make sure.

And if that still doesn’t do the trick then try one of these gift guides.  There are A LOT of gift guides out there and that’s why we’ve taken the time to find the best of the best and put them here for you.

Gifts For Men From Werd 
30 Days Of Gift Guides From Lucky Magazine

(and remember Cloud 9 Living the next time you want to get an epic gift; we’ll be waiting!)

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