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Driving Experiences


Driving experience gifts are the perfect present for anyone who loves a horsepower-hungry set of wheels! Let the lead foot in your life ride along or take the driver's seat. An array of fast, freedom-filled racing options await: stock, exotic, Indy, Formula 2000, motorcycles, & more!


  • "The ride was totally awesome. I enjoyed every minute of it."
    Stock Car Ride Along
    Keith T
  • "Racing a Ferrari was my lifetime came true this Sunday! Thank you to everyone at Cloud 9, especially Lindsay and the racing school who helped make it happen."
    Race a Ferrari
    Abhishek S
  • "Awesome! Would love to do this again. Best Father's Day gift ever!"
    Indy Car Ride Along
    Jose B
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  • Cloud 9 Living offers an extensive collection of unique driving experience gift ideas for men and women, perfect for getting any lucky recipient into their dream set of wheels! Celebrate a special occasion with a race car driving day full of checkered flags waving, engines revving, crowds cheering, adrenaline pumping, cars zipping around hot asphalt, and the unforgettable scents of burning rubber and sheer excitement.

    Hop into a favorite hot rod to enjoy extreme car racing time on the track as a passenger or a driver! With stock and Indy car racing, exotic driving experiences, as well as Formula 2000 options available, the perfect adrenaline rush is waiting on the asphalt!

    Stock car ride alongs make the perfect experience gift for the race car driving enthusiast who wants a first-hand feel for how the pros tackle a real race track. Get fired up for the ride of a lifetime from the passenger's seat of a race car!

    Enjoy mind-blowing speeds on straightways and zip around curves reveling in intense G-force. Strap in for a ride along so fun, fierce and adrenaline-filled — it's impossible not to want more.

    And we've got just that — more! For the driving fan with a serious need for speed, check out car racing experiences that put participants directly behind the wheel to drive a real racecar! Suit up in racing gear and get expert training about the track and the vehicle. Then head to pit road to hop in a car, roar around the track, and push MPHs like never before!

    And the driving experience gifts don't stop there! Be sure to check out excursions featuring the likes of Landrover outings, motorcycle training and rentals, off-roading excursions, and guided dirt bike tours.

  • Cloud 9 Living makes it easy to grant even the most ambitious racing wishes with remarkable driving experience gifts!

    Choose from a number of ride along and driving options, in the racing world's most performance-packed vehicles — from sturdy stock and Indy car driving and daring Formula 2000 racing, to sleek exotic driving experiences in a Porsche, Aston Martin, Lamborghini, and Ferrari!

    Sit shotgun as a passenger while a professional driver thunders around the track at unfathomable speeds, unleashing the car's full potential around curves and straightaways!

    Hold on tight, because there's no holding back once the car gets some gas and takes off around the track on a ride along experience!

    Prefer to put someone in the driver's seat? Done! Participants ready to put the pedal to the metal on their own are thoroughly trained before taking to the track. Instruction covers such topics as car mechanics, safety procedures, driving lines, track/course geography, and communication systems. After a demo lap around the track in a crew vehicle and a final drivers' meeting on pit road, it's time to hop behind the wheel and drive a race car themselves!

  • Cloud9 Living's exotic car driving experience gifts come with a variety of fast 'n' flashy wheels from which to choose. And they're revin' and ready to satisfy a need for speed on select road-course tracks nationwide!

    These unique gifts for men and women are high-speed memories only made possible by exotic driving experiences in renowned makes like Ferrari, Lamborghini, Aston Marin, Porsche, Audi, Nissan, Mercedes, and more!

    Experience the swift straightaways and heart-pounding hairpin turns of a road course, seated in one of the most prestigious vehicles of the exotic auto world.

    Buckle up and hang on oh-so-tight sitting shotgun, as a professional driver lets the car loose on the track for entirely unrivaled ride! Or hop behind the wheel to receive one-on-one coaching during the drive, as an in-car instructor ensures the track's twists and turns bring the utmost exhilaration!

    Can't decide on just one exotic car driving experience? Combo packages are also available for the favorite fancy-car connoisseur in your life!

  • Hungry for more horsepower? Check out Cloud 9 Living's official blog, Livin' On Cloud 9, for the latest and greatest trends in driving experience gifts and related hot topics!

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