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What We Offer:

Set sail on scenic cruises that offer incredible sightseeing opportunities & dazzling date nights! Famed attractions, plenty of relaxation & a romantic ambiance are only the beginning of these daytime, sunset, moonlight, lunch & dinner cruises.

Drift across the U.S.'s finest bodies of water aboard scenic cruises you'll never forget!

Experience the waterfront of renowned metropolitan areas in breathtaking new ways. From sightseeing boat rides to brunches, and sunset sails to wanders down rivers, Cloud 9 Living's wide array of scenic cruises give the perfect touch to any afternoon or evening.

Board water's most impressive vessels to escape the hustle and bustle of the city life. Whether you're an urban local or an enthusiastic visitor, there's no greater escape than a boat ride, full of breathtaking views. Don't believe it? Nothing compares to gliding right under the Golden Gate Bridge and around the legendary Alcatraz Island on a San Francisco sightseeing cruise. And ahhhh,  just floating along the tranquil waters of a beautiful lake or bay, without a care in the world. Or how about taking in the skyline of Manhattan and Lady Liberty, on a sunset cruise aboard a majestic tall ship, sipping fine wine. And don't forget about remarkable whale watching opportunities on grand Pacific waters! And that's just to name a few...

However you want to take to the H2O, Cloud 9 Living's coast to coast selection of scenic cruises offer endless ways to enjoy fresh air, freedom, and the rhythmic lapping of waves.

And for even more options, don't miss out on lunch, dinner and brunch cruises that come with all the bells and whistles needed to make the most of a wonderful day or evening on the water!

Want to combine scenic cruises with flavor, fun and unforgettable memories?

Embark on the most entertaining, romantic, and delicious outings on the water! Cloud 9 Living's collection of brunch, lunch and dinner cruises are an exceptional way to celebrate a special occasion, do a date night a little bit differently, or simply add a tasty twist to traditional sightseeing boat rides.

Guests of these scenic cruises can expect to depart from some of the most renowned docks of major U.S. cities. Wander to the famed Navy Pier of Chicago, NYC's Chelsea Piers, San Francisco's Pier 3 on the Embarcadero, Rowes Wharf in Boston, and the picturesque ports of LA's Marina del Rey and Newport Beach, as well as others.

Step aboard luxurious yachts that were specially designed and decorated for much more than just boat rides. The comfortable and elegant ambiance of these ships make the perfect atmosphere for a variety of outings — whether enjoying a casual lunch on the water, or dressing up for a more formal dinner cruise.

Choose from a variety of available dining options and amenities (which vary depending on cruise type and departure city): gourmet plated meals, impressive buffet spreads, live bands, DJ entertainment, dancing, private or combined seating, full-service cash bars, free-flowing brunch champagne, and much more.

A scenic cruise simply wouldn't be complete without plenty of sightseeing opportunities. Take advantage of ample deck space on these luxury yachts, or the possibility of basking in sunshine on a ship's rooftop lounge, with cocktail in hand. Catch unforgettable moments on camera against the stunning backdrop of U.S. city skylines, sparkling horizons, celebrated attractions, and historical landmarks.

There's no better way to enjoy the good company of friends, family or a special someone — all while making lifelong memories on the water.