Birthday Gifts for Men


Trust us, he does not want another generic gift card this year. Give him something he will never forget! Find amazing experiences starting at $60. Ranging from Ferrari Race Car Driving, Golf Lessons with a Pro, Nascar Stock Car Ride Alongs, Fighter Pilot For a Day, and so much more.

  • Race An Exotic Car

    Ferrari, Lamborghini, Aston Martin... You Choose!

  • Golf Lessons And Play Packages

    Lessons & Amazing Packages Available!

  • Sailing Experiences

    Send Him Sailing!

  • Fighter Pilot For A Day

    Let Him Be Maverick For A Day!

  • Race Car Driving

    Let Him Drive Fast!

  • Whitewater Rafting

    Many More Adventures Available!

Featured Reviews:

  • Learn to Fly

  • 5

  • Los Angeles

"It was one of the most amazing experiences of my life!! The instructor was very friendly and knowledgeable, sign up was extremely easy, and booking the process through Cloud 9 was very easy. They were able to get the exact time I wanted, and let me know quickly. Thank you!"

  • Stock Car Ride Along at Daytona

  • 5

  • Jacksonville

"Outstanding in all aspect!"

  • Sunset Sailing Cruise

  • 5

  • Jacksonville

" This experience was a gift. We enjoyed our sail immensely."

How To Make This Year His Best Birthday. Ever.

Let's face it: every birthday after 21 is a long, slow descent into getting older for most guys.  Not that the man in your life doesn't appreciate a nice birthday with nice gifts—he certainly does.  It's just that after a while they all start blending together.

But this year can and should be different.  This year can be the year he never, ever forgets for as long as he lives.  That's because this year you're going to give him an experience gift.

Why?  Glad you asked!  Four compelling reasons:

1)  Give a completely unique birthday gift.  The stuff we have for guys here at Cloud 9 Living is unlike anything else you're going to find at the store or even online.  With over 1,800 gifts in 45 regions across the U.S. you can be sure there will be something he's going to love close by wherever you live... or wherever you're going to be!

2)  This gift is worry-free.  How can we say that?  Well, first off we have a 30-day no obligation refund policy for any experience you purchase.  Second, any experience you give him for his birhtday can be exchanged for any other experience on the Cloud 9 Living website.  That's right: if he doesn't LOVE the gift you chose, just have him go for a shopping spree himself!

3)  Expect (and get) the best of the best.  Cloud 9 Living only works with "best in class" experience providers who have met our rigorous customer service standards.  That means you don't have to worry about his birthday gift turning out to be a day with an overwhelmed hack who threw a discount up on the internet to drum up some business.Birthday Gifts For Men

4)  Things are temporary.  Memories last forever.  Here at Cloud 9 Living we truly believe in the transformative power of experiences.  Many years from now, in the twilight years of life, things become less important.  All we are left with are memories, moments in time that help define a life well lived.

Cloud 9 Living is here to help you create a moment for the man in your life who deserves one of those memories.  What better time than his brithday to mint something unique, something he'll be sure to remember forever?

We want to help you get there.  Choose your region above and get started today!

10 Totally Unique Birthday Gifts For Him

We've got a lot of popular experiences that work really well as a birthday gift for any kind of guy. For some of those kinds of gifts, check out our most popular gifts here.

Now, if you're looking for something totally unique and really awesome, here are some off-the-wall ideas that will delight him as well as immediately take their rightful place at the top of his "I-can't-believe-I-just-did-that" list.

1)  Bridge To Nowhere Bungee Jump
Available in: San Diego, Orange County, Los Angeles

2)  Private Ninja Lesson
Available in: New York

Private Ninja Lesson

3)  Private DJ Lessons
Available in: New York, Los Angeles

4)  Private Surfing Lesson
Available in: San Diego, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Orange County

Private DJ Lessons Private Surfing Lesson

5)  Trendy Cocktails 101
Available in: Washington, D.C.

6)  Codzilla Harbor Ride
Available in: Boston

Trendy Cocktails 101 Codzilla Harbor Ride

7)  Indoor Skydiving
Available in: Boston, Denver, Los Angeles, Orange County, Orlando, San Francisco, Tampa

8)  Ultralight Lesson & Flight
Available in: Chicago

Indoor Skydiving Ultralight Lesson And Flight
9)  Fire Engine Tour Of San Francisco

10)  Fly Fishing Classes
Available in: Denver, Indianapolis, Philadelphia

Fire Engine Tour Of San Francisco Fly Fishing Class

The Coolest Gift Certificate Ever MadeCloud 9 Living Gift Certificates

Yes, it’s a bit of a bold statement, but hey, if you’re looking for a gift idea for him that you simply cannot go wrong with, then we’ve got the perfect solution for you.  Cloud 9 Living gift certificates mean the lucky man you’re giving to can pick the perfect experience for himself, on his own time, with no pressure.

All you have to do is select the amount and we’ll take care of the rest, including sending him a fully customized gift pack with a message from you inside.

Three reasons he’s going to LOVE a gift certificate from Cloud 9 Living:

1)    So many choices… with more than 1,800 experiences in 45 regions across the U.S., he’s going to be blown away by the possibilities – and have a lot of fun deciding on exactly which one is absolutely perfect.

2)    You can give this worry-free… we know we have something that’s gonna make him happy, and he gets to pick it out himself!  That means you don’t have to worry about picking the wrong thing or getting him something that will collect dust.

3)    It’s soooooo easy…  simply pick your gift amount, complete our safe and secure checkout process, choose a shipping option and bam! – you’re done.

Give Him A Gift Certificate Today!

What’s The Gift Pack All About?The Cloud 9 Living Gift Pack

Cloud 9 Living’s tri-fold gift pack is the icing on your experience gift’s cake.  You can either handwrite a personal message to him or enter it into our system so that it arrives printed directly on the page.

Each gift pack comes with a stunning image of the experience he’s been given – or, in the case of gift certificates, several images of all the possibilities.  It sure beats a flimsy little plastic card from a big box retailer!

Cloud 9 Living also provides many different ways to deliver the gift pack.  The tri-fold is delivered via FedEx, and we have several speed options that give you the flexibility to get that gift pack to him on time.

We also offer an email option, which means instantaneous delivery…which in turn means he can start shopping for the experience of his dreams even faster!

Give Him A Gift Certificate Today!

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