Gift Ideas for Car Lovers

Gift Ideas for Car Lovers

Car lovers can be quite particular – they have their favorite makes, their opinions on the fastest drivers are widely varied, and they want their own car to represent who they are. While this may make getting a gift for the car lover in your life a bit of a challenge, it doesn’t have to be!

We’ve pulled together some of our favorite gift ideas for car lovers and automotive racing enthusiasts so you can get them the perfect gift. There’s everything from model cars and magazines to real life exotic car or race car driving experiences. 

Automotive Posters and Prints

Most car enthusiasts got their start with a collection of posters on their walls when they were kids. Before they could even drive they were dreaming of fast cars like the Lamborghini Diablo or the Ferrari F50. While they may be a little older, that admiration for fast metal still lives on and what better way to celebrate that than with a new poster. These days there are plenty of options, with some prints even looking like they’d be at home in a modern art museum.

The site Petrolicious has a variety of posters to choose from, designed by artists from around the world. Pick a poster of their favorite car or if they’re auto racing enthusiasts there are posters designed around famous tracks.

Auto Care Products

While it’s normal for car enthusiasts to lust after high end automobiles, they still love everything with a motor – including their own car. Let them take care of it the right way by giving them some auto care products like soaps, waxes, and wheel cleaners. They’ll also need proper tools like microfiber clothes and different brushes depending on whether or not they are cleaning the interior or exterior of their car.

For the ultimate in auto care, get them something from AMMO. The Emergency Shine is great to have around for a quick spiff-up of their car and if they visit site, they’ll find hundreds of car care how to videos for them to try. If they don’t mind something a little more modest, Meguiars or Griots Garage offers everything they need to have their car looking (and even smelling!) great.

Supercar Driving Experience

For a gift they’ll truly love, give them some seat time behind the wheels of the world’s fastest cars with an exotic car experience from Cloud 9 Living. We offer these supercar driving experiences at famous tracks across the nation, so you’ll be able to find one near them.

Drive a Ferrari gift certificate for car loversDrive a Lamborghini gift for car lovers





During each experience they’ll have the opportunity to drive cars from Ferrari, Lamborghini, Porsche, and other storied marques. Putting the pedal to the floor in one of these cars is a rare experience and one that will give them memories for a lifetime.

F1 TV App Subscription

Car lovers enjoy experiencing automobiles of all flavors, but what really gets them excited is seeing the world’s fastest automobiles being driven head to head around a race track. Nothing represents the pinnacle of motorsport better than Formula 1, so get them a subscription to F1 TV.

For the first time, Formula 1 races are available online and as part of a digital subscription service. They’ll be able to watch the races live, view onboard cameras, and gain access to a lot of other great content for each of the races on the calendar.  

Race Car Experience

Is watching a race not enough for them? Let them strap on a helmet and feel what it’s like to pilot a 600 horsepower stock car around a track. Through our race car driving experiences, you can give them a gift that lets them go for an IndyCar ride along, get driving instruction from professional drivers, and even head out for a few laps on their own.

A day spent at the track is a much different experience than watching a race from the sidelines and our NASCAR driving experiences are something they will never forget.

Drive a race car on your birthday

Magazine Subscription

Let the gearhead lover in your life stay up to date with all the latest in automotive technology, news, and racing events with a subscription to their favorite magazine. Featuring test drives of the latest cars and even sneak peeks at yet to be released automobiles, they’ll pour through the pages of these magazines each month.

Check out Road & Track for a great mix of street car and race car coverage or something like Car and Driver for the latest from all of their favorite car brands.  

LEGO Porsche GT3 RS

While a real Porsche GT3 RS might be a bit out of the budget as a gift, LEGO makes a kit that they can build on their own that is much more reasonable.

The LEGO Porsche GT3 RS kit has a working engine, opening doors, and other details that make it a must have. They’ll love assembling this model and can display it proudly in their home when they’re done.