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Denver Experiences

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Denver offers a great selection of unique and memorable experience gifts that are perfect for your next gift giving occasion.

With experiences ranging from Scenic Glider Rides and Guided Snowshoeing to Fly Fishing and Swedish Massages, you are sure to find an incredible Denver experience gift guaranteed to please anyone on your list.

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  • Enjoy things to do in Denver — mountain tops, craft beer stops, & much more!

    If you're trying to decide what to do in Denver, you've come to the right place. Cloud 9 Living offers a wealth of ways to enjoy The Mile High City — from relaxing or romantic, to entertaining and exhilarating. Whether you're searching for a fun outing for yourself, or looking for the perfect Denver experience gift to celebrate someone special — the wonders of the west await!

    Hands down, Denver is one of the best options in the west when it comes to urban destinations that offer a refreshing blend of metropolitan appeal and mountain life. Enjoy fine eats and notorious craft brew treats amid the most picturesque of Denver attractions — the Rocky Mountains. Let creativity run wild at a wine and painting class or on a photo safari. Chase down clues throughout the Mile High City on a DiVinci's Gold Scavenger Hunt! Or figure out 'whodunit' over dinner — where every guest is a suspect!

    Of course, Denver activities extend far above and beyond the city limits. Explore the tip-tops of the infamous Rocky range with Cloud 9 Living's Denver experience gifts that go sky-high! Soak up the breathtaking scenery from the comfortable float of a hot air balloon ride. Or experience the extreme tranquility of a scenic glider ride among the foothills of the majestic mountains!

    One of the most memorable things to do in Denver this weekend or whenever the ol' bucket list starts a-beaconing is to go from passenger to pilot with a flying lesson – no previous flying experience necessary! Let an FAA certificated instructor get the plane off the ground, then take over the controls and enjoy hands-on instruction once cruising altitude is reached.

    Or pack a little more adrenaline-punch to the piloting gig with a biplane ride! Not only does it come with some of the best Denver sightseeing around, but the flight is entirely tailored to fit its passenger—sit back and enjoy the view, take control of the aircraft, or even work some aerobatic maneuvers into the ride in the air.

    The action-packed adventures in Denver and the surrounding area don't stop there! Boasting a variety of diverse terrain to explore, it's easy to enjoy land and water excursions galore. Hit the open road with a Harley motorcycle rental. Or make some waves white water rafting, paddleboarding, or kayaking. Get an up-close and personal encounter with the great outdoors with snowmobiling or ziplining tour, kiteboarding lesson, fly fishing class, or off-roading/ATV outing in the Rockies.

    And if nice 'n' easy is the name of your favorite things to do in Denver game, don't forget to check out fantastic ways to relax and unwind — like spa treatments and golf packages.

  • Tantalize the taste buds with the tastiest things to do in Denver!

    The Mile High city comes loaded with plenty of Denver attractions that are not to be missed — many of which are featured as part of a plate, palette, or pint glass. With a menu that pleases both locals and visitors alike, exploring the wining and dining scene in Denver is a must-do!

    One of the most commonly enjoyed Denver activities is a trip to local brewery. While the area comes with plenty of big beer names to boast about, why not take a stroll slightly off the beaten path for a look at local breweries and tap rooms on the Denver Microbrew Tour!

    Taste your way through a 1.5-mile stretch of history, hops, and area highlights, making your way through the LoDo and Ballpark neighborhoods. It won't take long to understand why Denver has been dubbed the “Napa Valley of Beer!”

    And speaking of Napa Valley, if wine is what makes your world go 'round, then treat yourself to a glass at an art class! One of the most entertaining things to do in Denver this weekend (or any other!) with family, friends, a special someone, or just to treat yourself is a wine and painting session. So sip on some mighty-fine Merlot, let the creative juices flow, and leave with a personal masterpiece!

    And don't forget about (*dun, dun, dun!*) Denver's infamous altitude — after all, it ain't called “The Mile High City” for nothin'! So swig and sip away on the local libations, but make sure to take full advantage of Colorado's delicious cuisine to maintain a nice, balanced intake. Enjoy the plethora of dining options available throughout the downtown area, including the 16th Street Mall and gourmet Denver food featured in urban eateries, tucked away in quaint neighborhoods nearby.

    For an exceptionally unique dining-in-Denver experience gift, put on your detective hat and dine to the city's infamous Murder Mystery Dinner Show. Enjoy a scrumptious meal while unraveling the secret behind a scandal where each guest is a prime suspect — including you!

  • Try an array of action-packed things to do in Denver for yourself!

    It's no secret that Denver is a hub for some of the hottest outdoor adventures in the nation! And as the home to experience operators who are the absolute best-in-class — there's no safer, more reliable place to get the adrenaline rush of a lifetime by land, air, water or snow!

    Soar through the breathtaking scenery of the Rocky range, experiencing the extreme freedom and exhilaration of ziplining! Strap on gear, get hooked up to endless stretches of cable, and launch into a rip-roarin' good time — fly among stunning flora and fauna set against stunning mountain terrain, on a Denver attraction that's ideal during any season of the year!

    And for Denver activities that offer the opportunity to go head-to-head with some of nature's finest — check out classes like fly fishing and bull riding, or trek through diverse CO landscape on guided a ATV tour.

    Splish-splash through Denver's infamous rivers, rapids and lakes on a number of H2O outings! Grab a paddle and prepare for a wet 'n' wild whitewater rafting ride on the legendary Clear Creek, Colorado River, or Arkansas River. Make a rafting Denver experience gift even more extreme by doing it in the dark — guided only by the intriguing power of night vision! Want to try your hand at the new paddleboard trend or a kayak tour? Aquatic adventure awaits on both individual and group-based tours and lessons. And for those winter-lovers, an outing in Denver is the perfect time to shine! Add some frozen fun to the mix with bucket-list worthy excursions like heli-skiing in Telluride or giving snow kiting a go!

    So bust out that life vest or a cozy coat, and get ready to explore the wonderful world of water- (or winter-) based Denver attractions!

    Of course, there's nothing wrong with staying nice and dry in the sky, too! Explore things to do in Denver from the air up there! All while enjoying stunning views of the CO expanse below on a flying adventure. Glide over foothills area of the Rocky range. Float in a hot air balloon while checking out downtown Denver's cityscape. Take control of a plane, enjoying hands-on learning about the fundamentals of piloting! And plenty more!

  • For a 'par-fect' Denver experience gift, grab a golf outing!

    Treat yourself or celebrate someone's special occasion with unique golf outings in Denver! Offering connections with real PGA Pros in the area, Cloud 9 Living is your one-stop shop for putting together the perfect present for a favorite golf guru who can't get enough of Denver activities.

    Make a bucket list dream come true on the practice range of one of Colorado's most notorious courses, with a golf lesson with a PGA Pro! After an initial meet-and-greet to chat about and assess the participant's skill level, the Pro builds a customized lesson focused on the individual's goals. Topics featured in the lesson typically include an equipment evaluation and selection, club grip, posture and swing, course navigation, obstacle routing, short game techniques (pitching, chipping), interpretation of ball flight, and putting strategies.

    Remarkable golfing things to do in Denver extend beyond the practice range, too! Head to the Denver area's Arrowhead Golf Club for a playing lesson with Joe Herbert — a PGA Pro with over 30 years of experience under his belt! Join Joe on a cart and play each hole side-by-side, enjoying some laughs and on-the-spot tips to polish up any level of golf game, from beginner to 'been-golfing-for-years.'

    Don't miss out on the best of Denver attractions — tee up today with an unforgettable golf experience gift! Check out Cloud 9 Living's list of courses and instructors nationwide to find the finest fairway for yourself or a lucky recipient.