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San Francisco GoCar Tour

San Francisco GoCar Tour

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San Francisco, CA

Year Round
Daily - 8:00 AM until Dusk

  • Leave your guidebook behind and see the San Francisco most visitors never see on this San Francisco GoCar Tour!
    • GoCar is the first-ever GPS-guided storytelling car
    • TIME Magazine called GoCar "The Most Amazing Invention of the Year!"
    • An on-board computer and a GPS-system does the thinking so you can relax and take in the city
    • A unique sightseeing experience for tourists and locals alike!
    Full Description>
  • The San Francisco GoCar Tour is a fun and unique way to see the beautiful sights of the city - all at your own pace!

    Fold up your map, put away the guidebook and jump into a GoCar. Zip all over town while this little yellow car takes you on a GPS guided tour of San Francisco - like having your own local tour guide.

    Best of all, the adventure happens at your pace. You can stop for photos, grab a coffee or break for lunch. You can even blaze your own trail if you're feeling adventurous!

    Tour Options:

    1-Hour: Chinatown/Downtown Loop
    Let GoGar guide you through an exciting loop of San Francisco's Chinatown and Downtown with fun and informative stops along the way, in this 1-hour tour.

    2-Hour: Golden Gate Bridge and More
    GoCar will be your guide to San Francisco's breathtaking Golden Gate Bridge. Drive through the waterfront Marina District and loop back through the Presidio and down Lombard Street in this 2-hour tour.

    3-Hour: Golden Gate Park and More
    This tour will take you through most of San Francisco's parks, including the Golden Gate Park, each of which is full of stories and history.

    4-Hour: The Road Less Traveled
    On this tour you'll experience everything you would on the 3-hour tour plus you'll have the option to take a winding detour to the top of Twin Peaks, 922 feet above the city, where on a clear day you can see an epic panoramic view of San Francisco.

    5-Hour Tour: All-Inclusive
    Explore all San Francisco has to offer - from the parks to the beaches, downtown to the city limits, the breathtaking Golden Gate Bridge, and diverse neighborhoods like the vibrant Castro to Chinatown. Take it at your own pace - this full day tour has it all!

    Above tours are only suggested routes. The tour's length may vary due to circumstances such as departure time, traffic and your itinerary.

    Key Info>
  • Essential Information

    • Must be 21 years or older to rent
    • Must possess a major credit card and valid driver's license
    • Tour languages available include English, Spanish, French, Italian, Portuguese and German
    • GoCars do not accommodate car seats for children
    • Helmets are provided and are required by California law
    • All riders receive a full orientation.
    • On the day of rental, a $500 security deposit (subject to change) will be held on your credit card until the GoCar is returned.
    • All riders must sign a standard participant agreement.
    • Renters will have the option to purchase Collision Damage Waiver insurance on the day of rental.
    • Renters are free to extend the length of their tour on the day of rental.
    • Additional rental time will be charged in 15-minute increments.
    • GoCar must be returned before Dusk.


    Between 1 and 8 hours depending on option selected.

    Maximum Participants

    GoCars hold a maximum of 2 people.


    Everyone watching you drive by!

    Weather Dependent

    This experience is weather dependent. Always contact the Experience provider with any questions regarding weather conditions.

    What To Wear

    Wear comfortable clothing and shoes appropriate for weather conditions.

    Booking Information

    For this experience, it is recommended to request bookings at least 7 days in advance.

    Cancellation Policy

    Prior to scheduling/booking a date for this experience, Cloud 9 Living's standard return and exchange policy shall apply. Once you have scheduled a date and received a booking confirmation, all bookings are final. A $20 per booking cancellation fee will apply to any cancellations, however, departure times may be rescheduled subject to availability. No cancellations will be allowed within 72 hours of your scheduled tour.

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    1. What is a GoCar?
      GoCar is the world's first computer-guided storytelling car. The clever talking car navigates for you, but that's not all. As you drive, it points out the sights and tells you the stories that bring the city to life.
    2. How long does the tour take?
      The tour can take as long as you like - that's the whole point. You go at your own pace, not the pace set by a tour bus operator. As you go, you're choosing the attractions you want to stop and see. You can complete the tour in as little as one hour if your time is limited. You can also make it a leisurely day trip if you'd rather, stopping to explore attractions along the way. It's totally your choice. If you're having the time of your life, keep exploring! It's a fantastic city and there's plenty to see. The average tour duration is 2-3 hours.
    3. Can I stop along the way?
      Of course! You set your own pace! The car always knows where you are and you can park anywhere you want (motorcycle parking or car parking) for as long as you want, and as soon as you start to drive again, the car will narrate your tour/drive.
    4. Do I have to stay on the tour?
      Absolutely not! If there is a sight you want to see but it is not included on the tour, simply use the provided map to navigate through the city streets. You can even put a CD in the stereo and enjoy music along the way!
    5. Can I cross the Golden Gate Bridge?
      No, but the tour will navigate you to Fort Point. The bridge soars about 200-feet above your head. It is possible to gain pedestrian access to the bridge span from the car park at the bridge vantage point.
    6. Can the GoCar climb all of San Francisco's hills?
      GoCar can climb all hills with one person, but with a passenger on board, there are some hills that it cannot climb, like the ones the cable cars can climb. The GoCar still manages to get to some of the highest summits of the City like Twin Peaks and Lombard St. The GPS routes you on approaches that the car can handle.
    7. Are there foreign-language tours?
      The GoCars speak 5 languages!  When you arrive, you may request a tour in Italian, Spanish, French, German or English. On a foreign-language tour, the GoCar will provide clear driving directions and tour narration in your language of choice.
    8. How fast does the car go?
      The GoCar will go 35-mph.Drivers in the city do not typically drive fast, therefore an average speed of 30-mph or less can be expected while driving.
    9. Is vehicle insurance available and how much does it cost?
      Yes, the daily collision damage waiver for the rental is similar to a car rental and costs $12/day for the GoCar if elected by the driver.